A small accent lamp from a most unlikely IKEA item

Leaky sauce bottle now leaks a soft warm glow.

I used the ÖRTFYLLD as a soy sauce and vinegar bottle, but the one for soy sauce was leaking and rusting in the lid and bottle holder.

That’s when I starting wondering …

I had a lot of ideas on what I could do with the leaky sauce bottle and useless holder. As I already had some materials, I made up my mind to turn it into a small accent lamp.

IKEA items used:

Buy ÖRTFYLLD 3-piece oil & vinegar set | IKEA.com

Other materials and tools:
  • Bamboo mat (for gimbap)
  • 12v LED x 5
  • Switch (easy to circular fixings)
  • Powerjack
  • 12v adapter
  • Electric wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering tools
  • Cutter
  • Glue gun
  • Foam board
  • String (whatever you want, but not too thick)

Small accent lamp from sauce bottle

1. First, drill the wires and powerjack holes with cobalt drill bit (for stainless steel).

drill small accent lamp IKEA hack

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2. Solder a cube like shape without underside to spread the light everywhere.


3. Connect LEDs, switch and powerjack with electric wire through the hole.


4. Make lampshade and circular support with foam board. Lampshade for subtle lighting, support to firmly attach bamboo sticks.


5. Untie the bamboo mat (for gimbap), cut the same length as the original bottle, and glue the bamboo sticks to the edge of the LED hole.

untie strings
cut bamboo
stick bamboo

6. Re-tie bamboo sticks with string to decorate.

re-tie bamboo

And the sauce bottle sized accent lamp is complete.

The most difficult part was attaching the bamboo sticks in a circle. It was hard to attach the sticks firmly because there was no space for fingers to fit in when more than half of the stickers were attached.

small accent lamp IKEA hack

Therefore, the most important thing is to make an inner support using a foam board. If I were to make it again, I will cut the foam board more the finely to make a strong and neat lower support.

Assuming I buy all the material new (except tools), the cost would be approximately $20 (in Korea). Half of the cost is for the ÖRTFYLLD set.

small accent lamp IKEA hack

My wife loved it, saying it’s pretty, but I haven’t shown it to anyone in particular yet.

Here it is again for a side by side comparison.

ÖRTFYLLD small accent lamp IKEA hack

It’s hard to explain the process. This video will help.

~ by MO_USE from Korea

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