Butternut Squash with Crispy Pumpkin

As it is fall, there is a bountiful amount of squash varieties and it only seemed appropriate that I would make some sort of soup. A warm bowl of squash soup quenches the need for warmth when it is cold and rainy during the fall months. The texture of the soup helps satisfy you and keep you full for hours after.

Though I specifically use butternut and a pumpkin you can experiment with other squashes to substitute. They will all have their own unique flavors but you will never go wrong with the squash soup base.

Like all foods you consume, I recommend buying fresh, organic and if you can local produce. The ideal way would be to grow your own but it is almost impossible to completely grow everything you enjoy to eat.

The idea for this recipe came to me while transporting squash we had grown this year to our home. My idea behind it was to have a soup prepped that I could enjoy throughout the week. It is always wonderful to have a warm bowl of soup while at work or during an evening when you do not feel like cooking. If you did want to make this for a dinner party it would feed about five to six people for an appetizer or three to four for a full meal.
Nice way to bring soup to work, the micro-greens held up overnight and in the microwave. Cook Time:
1 hour 45 min Prep Time:
45 mins Total Time:
About 2 hrs with clean up Ingredients Two Red peppers; preferably slightly spicy ones Two Parsnips One Kohlrabi One White Onion One small Butternut Squash One small Pumpkin Squash Dash Salt Dash Pepper 1 tsp Bragg Sea Kelp Delight Seasoning 1 tsp Oregano One quart Vegetable broth Drizzle Maple Syrup Drizzle of Olive Oil 1 tsp Spanish Paprika Arugula and Cilantro Micro-greens Instructions
Preheat the oven to 425 Degrees Fahrenheit

Peel both squashes, cut both ends off each squash. Then cut each squash in half. Taking a metal spoon remove the guts and the seeds and put in separate bowl for later use. Cube the pumpkin but leave the butternut in its original form. Retrieve a pan preferable a cast iron pan. Either one large or two small pans. Place squash on pan and drizzle a little bit of olive oil and maple syrup. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt and freshly crack pepper over the top. Then lather liquids and seasonings onto the squash. Add to the oven. Depending on the size of squash it will take from twenty-five to forty minutes. Make sure to check and flip squash if needed throughout the cooking process. When checking the squash with a fork be mindful to check the thickest part of the squash not then thinnest.

While the squash cooks cut the vegetables. Do not worry too much about how they look or the size just as long as they are all about the same size. Heat a cast iron dutch oven to about medium-high heat. Add about a tablespoon of butter/oil of your choice. After the pan is heated up add the vegetables and stir when needed for two minutes. Add half a cup of water, Spanish paprika, Bragg’s, Salt, Pepper, and oregano cover with a lid until vegetables have softened. Once ready set aside till squash is ready.

Now on to the squash seeds and guts you set aside earlier. You will separate them by hand using two bowls, one for guts, one for seeds. Once done rise the seeds vigorously in a mesh colander with cold water. Place on towel or paper towel to dry.

It will be important if you haven’t already to check your squash. Flip the cubed pumpkin and the butternut. Check how hard the squash is by poking a fork in it. If it slices through easily then it is done, give it enough time to brown slightly on the opposite side and then remove.

Add the dried squash seeds to a pan and toss with salt and pepper. Put into oven for about seven to fifteen minutes. Make sure to check and stir the seeds about ever six minuets to check on the dryness and crispness of the seeds. When the seeds seem almost perfect turn the broiler on high. Crisp them a little extra once at your liking, remove.

Once the seeds are in the oven, the squash is ready and the vegetables are tender, add it all to your blender (Setting aside the crispy cubed pumpkin). Add about four quarts of vegetable broth it should be about equal part liquid to vegetables. Then blend, if your blender has soup mode put it on that!

Finally! Pour the soup into bowls and top with crispy pumpkin cubes, the squash mix seeds, and arugula and cilantro micro-greens. A couple grinds of the pepper on top to finish does not hurt at all. If planing on storing, add to mason jars, you can store in your fridge for about five days and about a month in the freezer. Just be sure to let the soup cool before you put into either fridge or freezer. I hope you enjoy! Thank you!