Cook with me : crepes

Hello guys ! I’m here with a very quick blog post. I usually prepare those during the week end but Monday I had to go through a big medical exam which needed preparation. I couldn’t eat much for days so I couldn’t prepare a recipe. The anesthesia exhausted me for 2 days following. So here I am, Wednesday, doing my best to keep this blog going.

So today we’re making crepes. For a little background story, I hate making crepes. Cooking them is my worst nightmare. But for my cooking exam I can have to make some. So I practiced a bit and I think I get it ! Finally !


As it’s a short post I did some of the work for you.

For 1 crepe :

1/4 egg • 20g flour • 2,5mL neutral oil • 25mL water • 25mL milk • pinch of salt • a dash of vanilla extract • (a dash of rhum)

For 12 crepes :

3 eggs • 240g flour • 30mL oil • 300mL water • 300mL milk

For 32 crepes :

8 eggs • 640g flour • 80mL oil • 800mL water • 800mL milk

Maybe I’ll stop at 32 crepes. If you’re doing more, you’re absolutely crazy. Cooking 32 crepes would take forever. It’s usually my bf that makes them.

These aren’t sweetened. You can sprinkle sugar on them after cooking.


Start by mixing everything in a big mixing bowl.

Cover and let rest in the fridge for an hour.

Heat up a flat crepe pan, a crêpière in french. Brush with oil.

You want it to be really hot before starting.

Pour a ladle in the pan. Move the pan to spread it equally.

Let cook until it all change color and bubble.

Detach the edges with a spatula and flip it.

Let cook again for a few minutes.

Take it off of the pan and start again.

And again.

And again.

That’s why I hate making crepes.

And that’s it for today guys ! I hope you’ll be making good crepes ! Be sure to like this post and share it with your friends. Comment with your favorite crepes filling. I’ll see you next Sunday with a new blog post. Follow me on instagram for more content. Until then stay happy and safe ! Bye guys !

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