Flexible Seating Options in Special Education

I’m here to talk about flexible seating options in special education!

I teach a K-2 autism classroom. You can take a look at my classroom here. To see 9 different special education classrooms, click here.

Classrooms are doing away with the same desk and chair model for each student. Instead, we are starting to see options for student seating and workspaces because research shows that students work better when given flexible choices.

I am here to show you some flexible seating options that I have in my special education classroom!

Rocking Chairs

Here is one of the rocking chairs I use in my classroom.
This chair can be purchased here.

These rocking chairs are popular with my students as a flexible seating option. I love how sturdy they are. I have two in my classroom.

Ball Chairs

Here is a photo of a flexible seating ball chair option.

Next, students love a good ball chair. Ball chairs are great for students who like to bounce but also need help with strengthening their core. I love that these chairs have a back and platform for extra stability.

Wobble Cushions

This is a photo of a wobble cushion from Lakeshore.
The wobble cushions can be purchased here.

Also, I keep several of these awesome wobble cushions in my room because they work so well for my wiggly students. These are a more cost-effective option, as well.

Standing Desk

Here is a photo of an adjustable standing desk.
This desk and chair adjust to a sitting or standing position. Fun!

I have had so many students throughout the years prefer to stand while working rather than sit. One great solution to this, is an adjustable standing desk! I am putting this on my list for next school year.

Wobble Chair

This is a photo of a wobble chair I use in my classroom.
Wobble chairs can be purchased here.

Additionally, these wobble chairs are another space saving way to give your students the opportunity to wiggle and balance while they do their work.

Cube Chairs

This is a photo of the cube seats I use in my classroom.
The cube seat set can be purchased here.

This flexible seating option is best for smaller students. It comes in a set of four. These chairs work well for students who need to feel more secure while sitting, especially if you have them sit on the deeper side.

Scoop Rocker Chair

This is a photo of the scoop rockers I use in my classroom.
The scoop rockers can be purchased here.

These scoop rocker chairs are great during morning meeting or floor work. These are best for smaller students as well. Students are able to rock in these or sit stationary with back support.

How Can I Afford All of This?!

This is a photo of a woman holding money.

I know exactly what you are thinking after reading this post and seeing the cost of all of these items: I cannot afford all of these! Don’t worry!

Here are some ways you can get these items for your classroom:

  • Ask your principal for a few flexible seating options.
  • Write a grant. See blogger Kate’s tips on writing successful grants here.
  • Seek donations through Donor’s Choose.
  • Seek donations through an Amazon Wish List.

Alyssa shares some more ideas for classroom funding in this blog post.

Finally, you do not need to purchase all of these today. Give yourself time to build your inventory but do remember that flexible seating options in special education should be a regular practice in your classroom.

Comment below if you have questions or need help setting up your flexible seating options in your classroom!

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