Hi hi! Happy Friday! Just hanging around over here in our matching jammies, drinking vegan eggnog, and enjoying as many festive things as we can

I can’t believe Christmas is next week!! What are you guys doing this year? A friendly suggestion: put nana’s egg casserole on the menu. I feel like it’s not a holiday without it. 🙂

(Got these cute family matching jams at Hanna Andersson! I didn’t participate in my usual in-person Black Friday adrenaline rush because I was shopping at home this year, but the intensity was very similar when I was ordering these pajamas online. I was adding our sizes to the cart and styles and sizes were selling out by the second! It was intense, but I managed to snag this print in all of our sizes.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! We’re going to decorate gingerbread houses and take it easy. The Pilot is home, so that’s a special treat.

It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share some of my favorite finds from the week and around the web. I always love to hear about your faves, too, so please shout out something you’re loving in the comments section below.

Fitness and good eats:

Live Zoom workouts! I’ve missed teaching live classes SO much and it’s been so much fun to host these free Zoom classes. This Saturday (tomorrow at 9am PST / noon EST), we’re doing Tabata and Strength. (Leave a comment below if you want to join in and I’ll email you the invite!)

Also, this is the perfect time to sign up for Fit Team!! If you use the code HOLIDAY, you’ll get it for $19 per month. I love sending these full plans with brand-new strength workouts, video tutorials for the workouts, and bonus meal/recipe ideas. (Last month, I sent out some recipes that the fam and I have been enjoying for dinner!) You get a bonus follow-along video when you sign up, the first month’s plan (to last you until the next one is sent out on the 28th) and access to our closed Facebook group. Give yourself a gift this holiday season for less than the cost of one drop-in fitness class!! Sign up here. (You’ll get your bonus video and first month plan right away, then new plans will go out on the 28th so you’ll be ready to rock and roll for January!)

Grab your chopsticks and make some of Madre’s grammies this weekend! (the BEST)

Maple pecan baked oatmeal.

Fashion, beauty, random:

THESE CANDLES. You guys know I’m a serious candle hoarder and these are my new favorites. They’re made locally here in Tucson and have aromas from different special spots in AZ, like Tucson, Scottsdale, etc. The Mount Lemmon one is floral and piney perfection. They also did local delivery for $10.

I got an IPL photofacial this past week and am happy with the results so far. I get these once a year or so – it was my 4th time- and try to do it in the fall or winter because you’re supposed to avoid sun afterwards. It really helps with spots and pigmentation and can also help to boost collagen, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles. The laser zaps the pigmented spots on the skin, they turn darker (like coffee grounds), and scale off. It doesn’t hurt much at all – like tiny rubber band snaps – and there’s no downtime. You can work out and live your life the following day.

The Pilot’s Rubik’s cube talent. He found one of Liv’s, watched a couple of YouTube videos, and can now solve it in a couple of minutes. It’s fascinating to me and verifies a couple of things: he’s insanely smart and has way more patience than I ever will possess.

Read, watch, listen:

Don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast episode with Katy Bowman and Jill Miller here!

An Emily in Paris spoof. 

A meme that made me laugh this week:

What TV character do you relate to?

40 reasons why you’re amazing and worth appreciating.

Leave your fave holiday movie in the comments below! Going to have a marathon going this weekend while we bake and finish wrapping gifts.

Have a happy Friday, friends.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and I’ll see ya on Monday with my annual favorite things giveaway!



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