Homemade Indian Mixed Grill and Masala Chips

I guess it is a Fakeaway – you can take away the mixed grill but most people like to enjoy them in the pub sizzling on the hot plate! So my husband loves his boys nights with a “mixie” and a pint.. we also enjoy them after a football game from time to time! I had to try and reinvent it at home for us to enjoy… safe to say… we loved it!

We can’t have a mixed grill without masala chips! So the recipe for them is here too! I totally cheated and used oven chips (I hate frying so try to avoid it if I can!)

Mood: in the mood for a sizzling plate of Indian food!

It’s worth mentioning I bought a cast iron plate – which can be used for fajitas, grilling veg, meat, prawns etc. too so it’s perfect and reusable! I’ve got the prep for this here too!

INGREDIENTS for the Masala Chips

Red Chillies
Green Chillies
Soy Sauce
Maggis hot sauce
Spring onion
Garlic granules
Red chilli flakes
Vegetable oil
Garam Masala
Cumin seeds
Diced onion


1. Get yourself chips ready – home made fried or oven ones work fine too! Cook!

2. In a pan, heat 2 tbsp vegetable oil, a pinch of cumin seeds, a cube (tbsp) of garlic and ginger and diced onions.

3. Add 2 tbsp ketchup, 3 tbsp maggis sauce, 1 tbsp soy sauce. Add a chopped green chilli and half a red chilli.

4. Add a tbsp of garam masala, tbsp of paprika, tsp cumin, tsp salt, tsp garlic granules.

5. Mix well and take off the heat. Add the cooked chips and some chopped coriander. Mix well again.

6. Add to plate, top with coriander and chopped spring onion

INGREDIENTS for the Mixed Grill:

Chicken (I used 6 wings, 2 breasts)
Lamb chops (we used 8)
Greek yoghurt
Garam Masala
Garlic granules
Green Chilli
Red Chilli
Lemon juice
Ginger paste
Diced garlic
Chilli powder
Vegetable oil
Diced onion
Black pepper
Coconut oil
Mustard seeds
Lime juice
Tomato purée


Prep all of your meat.

Let’s start with the diced chicken breast:

1. In a bowl mix 1 tbsp water, ginger paste, garlic paste, half a tsp of each of these spices: ground coriander cumin, turmeric, fenugreek leaves, paprika, chilli powder, black pepper, a tsp of salt, 2 tsp of coconut oil, a tsp of cornflour, a tsp of lime, and half a teaspoon of crushed mustard seeds, and finally some veg oil.

2. Mix well. Completely cover the chicken. Refrigerate for a few hours

Next up.. the lamb chops

1. In a bowl mix 1 tsp of paprika, 3 tsp diced garlic, 2 tsp ginger paste, 2 tsp chopped coriander, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp chilli flakes, 2tsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp veg oil, 2 tbsp yoghurt, 1 tbsp garam masala, 1 tsp garlic granules and 1tsp salt

2. Mix well and marinade the lamb chops. Refrigerate

Finally the chicken wings – I actually used my curry base and covered the wings in it..

1. In a pan, heat some veg oil (and a knob of butter if you want) a pinch of cumin seeds and diced onions.

2. Add a cube of ginger and garlic.

3. Add fenugreek leaves, garam masala, turmeric, salt.

4. Add either tomato purée or chopped tinned tomatoes.

5. Mix well and cook. Add coriander

6. Use a hand blender to blend it into a paste.

7. Cover the wings in the paste and guess what… yep… refrigerate!

METHOD to cook and get it all ready…

The pan… now a cast iron pan needs seasoning.. and I don’t mean salt and pepper. I mean veg oil and an hour baking in the oven. I did mine the night before to save time.

1. Wash your cast iron pan. Dry it

2. Brush vegetable oil all over it. Back and front.

3. Place upside down in a preheated oven at 200c for 1 hour – place a tray a few levels under to catch any oil.

1. Start with the chicken wings and breast, it’ll take almost an hour to cook. You’ll want to brown it to keep those delicious flavours so use a cast iron pan with lots of oil. Brown off the meat and then add to a baking dish- one for the diced chicken one for the wings.

2. Put in the oven for 50 mins at 180c

3. Get the lamb out 15-20 minutes before you want to cook it.

4. Don’t forget to do your chips around 25 mins in to the chicken cooking

5. Heat a pan with plenty of oil again, and the cast iron plate on a low heat for now. Chop onions and increase the heat to medium.

6. Add the lamb to the pan turning after 5-7 mins.

7. Add the onions to both pans

Add some of the lamb masala to the onion. Keep mixing.

8. Take the chicken out the oven and add to the pan for one last grill.

9. Add all of the meats on top of the onions.

10. Serve with chutney! I made homemade mint chutney and a spicy tomato chutney – let me know if you want the recipe for those!

11. Top with coriander, chillis, spring onions for that extra crunch!

12. I served it with the chutneys, chilli paneer recipe [here] and the chilli chips!

Let me know what you think!! Love x R