How To Get Wax Off Your Skin?

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How To Get Wax Off Your Skin?

Beauty isn’t just about skin color or body shape. It is about how beautifully and tidy we present ourselves. Beauty is just about some self-love and self-care. However, skincare regimens have a sole role in making our presence beautiful.

Most of the skin care regimens are easy. But, all of us hate waxing, right? Whether it be the pain or the sticky wax residues that are hard to get rid of, it is quite annoying.

We require regular waxing sessions to maintain ourselves beautiful and clean. Going to a salon regularly for this purpose would not be very feasible for many of us. And many of us have already started waxing from home.

The hardest part lies in the post waxing session. Cleaning up the skin after a waxing session is quite hard. It is really very difficult to get the wax off your skin.

However, there are some quick, easy, and effective home remedies to get off the wax from your skin. These methods include removing wax residues using hot water, oil, petroleum jelly, alcohol, ice, and soap water.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss these home remedies to get off that sticky wax residues on your skin. But knowing that prevention is better than cure, we will, first of all, discuss some tips to prevent wax from sticking on to your skin.

Wax Off Skin

How To Prevent Wax From Sticking On Your Skin?

One of the hardest parts in the process of waxing is the removal was residues stuck on to the skin. These residues can be pretty sticky and irritating as well. These wax residues would form dark and dry spots on your skin if not removed properly. Let us look at some tips that would help you prevent from sticking on your skin.

  • Moisturize and hydrate your skin before waxing to prevent wax residues from clinging on to your skin. But don’t make your skin too greasy. It would be better not to use an oil-based moisturizer.
  • Body hairs longer than ½ inches are pretty hard to wax off. Long body hairs would tangle up the wax. Therefore, we recommend you to trim your hair short up to ½ inches.
  • Hot and thin wax are comparatively easier to work with rather than cold and thicker ones. Hot wax won’t stick on to your skin as much as colder one does.
  • Put some talcum powder on to your skin to prevent yourselves from sweating. Sweating increases the tendency of wax to stick on to your skin.

How To Remove Sticky Wax Residues Off Your Skin?

Sticky wax residues on the skin are super-irritating. Your skin will get damaged if the leftover wax residues are not cleaned up. Here are some easy home remedies for you to clear the wax residues quickly.

Removing Wax residues with Oil

You can use any type of oil for removing wax residues. It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or lavender oil. You can even use an oil-based lotion instead of pure oils. Some waxing kits come along with mineral oil to remove the wax residues.

Pour a little amount of oil into a small bowl. Dip a cotton ball in the oil. Keep this cotton ball loaded with oil on the leftover wax particles on your skin. Hold on the cotton ball at the same place for at least 30 seconds. Let the oil get absorbed. This would rip off the wax particles from your skin. Use a piece of fabric to wipe away the oil gently. All the wax residues would have now come over into the cloth.

Apply a moisturizer to restore the balance of your skin.

Removing Wax residues with Hot water

Who doesn’t have some water at their home? Or who would be lazy to at least heat some water? This is one of the easiest methods to remove wax residues.

Take some hot water in a bowl. Dip a fabric piece or cotton ball in the hot water. Place the cotton ball loaded with hot water above the was over residue. Hold on for a minute or two. Let the water get absorbed and you will see the wax residues slowly ripping off. Now take a piece of fabric and wipe off the wax and moisture.

Apply a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

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Removing Wax residues with Petroleum jelly

Most of you might have petroleum jelly at your home. It is a component in most of our skincare routines.

Take some petroleum jelly and rub it on to your skin with wax residues. You should leave the jelly on your skin at least for a minute. Take a piece of fabric and wipe off the jelly after a minute. You can now see wax residues removed along with the jelly.

Clean the area and apply a moisturizer to restore your skin balance.

Removing Wax residues with Alcohol

Take some alcohol in a bowl. Soak a cotton ball or a piece of fabric in it. Rub the cotton ball loaded with alcohol over the wax residues on your skin. Continue rubbing until you see wax residues ripping off.

Clean the area and apply a moisturizer to restore the balance of your skin.

Removing Wax residues with Soap and Water

Wet the wax residues on your skin. Apply soap on to it and make a rich lather. Hold the lather on your skin for a minute. Rub the lather gently on to your skin. Rinse the soap lather once you find wax residues peeling off.

Follow up with a moisturizer to restore your skin balance.

Removing Wax residues with Ice

Take an ice cube and keep it over the wax residues over your skin. Hold on the ice at least for 30 seconds. Now take a piece of clean fabric and wipe off the ripped off wax residues.

This is such an easy method. Follow up with a moisturizer.


Getting rid of that sticky wax residue is not difficult anymore. These home remedies can make getting the wax off your skin pretty much easy. They also yield very good results. These remedies are completely devoid of any chemicals and are very safe to try on.

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