How To Organize A Pantry With Deep Shelves

How To Organize A Pantry With Deep Shelves

If you are looking for tips on how to organize a pantry with deep shelves, you’ve come to the right place. We recently installed a pantry organization Ikea shelving unit and figured out a way to make the best use of the space. What we came up with is working wonders for our family. An absolute organizational blessing!

how to organize a pantry with deep shelves

How To Organize A Pantry With Deep Shelves

This area used to be a part of our kitchen and we redesigned it to become a cut out area dedicated for storage. We don’t have the doors installed yet because it is such a new DIY home project, but they are coming! Promise. For now, you can see what we had in mind.

When coming up with these pantry organization hacks, we wanted to try to keep our costs low. We had several companies come in and give us estimates and I will tell you that the pantry organization Ikea unit was the cheapest by FAR! So, do your homework – but keep that in mind.

pantry containers

They installed it in case you were wondering. It was like $100 bucks. My husband didn’t want to be bothered.

Affordable Pantry Containers

After we had our kitchen pantry organization ideas down on paper, I headed straight to Target and picked up these super affordable pantry containers. They had several different colors to choose from, but I went with the blue and white because I thought it would help open up the space.

This section of affordable pantry containers contains affiliate links:

Pantry organization hacks

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How To Organize a Kitchen Pantry – Step By Step

If you want to watch how to organize a kitchen pantry – my personal journey – you are in LUCK. I filmed the entire process and posted it on YouTube. Literally!

My Ikea shelving was severely misused at first. I would just put the boxes of goods anywhere and everywhere and it looked like an absolute MESS. One day, I decided that chaos would no longer work for me and I came up with a system that has been running like clockwork ever since.

Basically, I need three things: a) the understanding that like items go together, baskets, and clips. PERIOD! That’s pretty much it! All in, it took me under two hours to transform my kitchen pantry space and we have been able to easily maintain it with ease.

As far as cost is concerned, I think I spent under $65 for all the baskets. They are really durable! Honestly! Head to Target and pick up what you need and know they will last.

clips for bag

Pantry Organization Hacks

When I first started to break down all of my food boxes, I decided to get rid of everything – even the cereal boxes that could have stacked up. My goal was to get as much as I could into the bins and keep like items together.

This also allowed me to see just how much of ONE thing I had at the same time. We had three different kinds of cereal opened at once. WHY? What a waste! Now, we are able to truly track what we have because nothing is lost behind boxes upon boxes.

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bins for kitchen pantry

I even went so far as to break down soup packets and hot chocolate packets. I bought small enough bins that allowed me to combine these items. Since my kitchen pantry is very DEEP, I stored staples like chicken stock and tomato cans in the back and kept the things I wanted to quickly grab in the front with the baskets.

reorganize your kitchen pantry

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All in all, this was a very easy project to do and I am so happy that I took it on! I hope you watch the video so you can see just how much space all our boxes truly took! If you ever wanted to reorganize your kitchen pantry, now is the time to do it.

Do you feel confident about how to organize a pantry with deep shelves? Can’t wait to see what you do!

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