If you are a beginner then you should first learn how to use a simple protractor or angle finder

It gives accurate measurement as it is the most accurate digital angle finder. In this article, we have listed different brands like wixey, gemred, bosch etc.

Best digital angle finder or Digital Protractor

Digital angle finders are helpful little pieces of equipment that enable you to rapidly and effortlessly find the measurement of an angle without needing to utilize a protractor or any other manual tool. In spite of the fact that valuable for a variety of application, digital angle finders often incorporate magnets into the base that make them particularly useful for miter and bevel angles on various saw benches.

The General Tools digital angle finder is an incredible expansion to your tool box for a large number of tasks. It is regularly a carpenter’s instrument, so if you are a DIY carpenter, or even an expert, this apparatus will fit right in and make finding angles much easier.

Product Name

GemRed Angle Finder

Digital display
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Wixey WR300 Type 2 Digital Angle Gauge

Backlight display

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Bosch 5-in-1 Digital Angle Finder

Digital display
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Homder Digital angle finder
Upgraded display


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AccuRemote Digital Electronic Magnetic Angle Gage Level 

OLED display
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General Tools 822 Digital Angle Finder Rule

Large LCD display
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Igaging Digital Protractor

LCD display 
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Tacklife MDP02 Advanced Digital Protractor Level

Large LCD display
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16″ Digital Protractor, Angle Finder

LCD display
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Capri Tools 20005 Digital Angle Gauge

Automatic LCD backlight
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10 Best Digital Protractor or Digital Angle Finder
GemRed Angle Finder – Our Recommendation

The first and most obvious advantage of the GemRed 82305 is the simplicity of design. What you are looking at here is a protractor that features two metal rulers with a simple digital display at the base.

Instrument is light and minimized – The instrument itself is somewhat light and minimized, however, remains perfectly strong when being used.

Solidly built – Its solid construction implies that once you set an angle, nothing will move or endanger your initial measurement.

Last for an extremely long time- It’s also something that will last an extremely long time on a single battery thanks to its simplicity; it’s powered utilizing an ordinary coin battery which should last around 2,000 hours of utilization.

The angle finder could be well used to various fields instead of angle ruler, straight ruler and square ruler etc.

Features both the royal and metric frameworks – Every ruler segment features both the royal and metric frameworks, making it less demanding to switch between these two measurement systems if necessary.

Available for two different sizes – Gemred digital protractor is available in two different sizes. i.e, 200 mm and 500 mm. Choose according to your needs. 

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The thumbscrew tightening unit works well.
The ON/OFF and ZERO buttons have a tactile feedback.
The buttons and display are small but functional.
Appears to be well made from good materials.
Accuracy is 0.3 degree. which is quite great. 

Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Gauge

Designed for heavy-duty use- If you’re searching for the best digital angle block rather than the protractor styling of the GemRed, is an accurate angle finder that was designed for heavy-duty use. 

 A metal body will hardly get damaged to a point where it impacts the calibration of the device. 

Simply stick to any metal surface for hands-free measurement –  Wixey’s WR300 accompanies a magnet on the bottom side, thus allowing you to simply stick it to any metal surface for hands-free measurement.

The angle on a large display is easily readable – You can easily read the angle on a large display located on the front of the instrument. So buyers who will buy this angle finder they will easily read the angle on a large display.

Allows easy 90 degree setup- The compact design that allows easy 90-degree setup on my miter saw blade. The gauge also appears to operate within a good range of accuracy for setting-up other than a 90-degree cut angles.

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 It worked as advertised.
Simply stick it to any metal surface for hands-free measurement.
Calibrate perfectly. 
Accuracy: +/- 0.2 degrees

Bosch Digital Angle Finder

Allows for a variety of trim-  This multipurpose design allows for a variety of trim and verification measurements on roofing, molding, and an extensive variety of different projects.

This bosch angle finder feature can measure the correct angle of a current structure or project piece and record the measurements over a series of uses for later reference.

Integrated protractor tool allows to position your cut line –The integrated protractor tool allows you to position your cut line, while the vertical and flat vial levels enable you to keep things balanced and level.

Capable of both simple and compound cuts – The cut calculator, capable of both straightforward and compound cuts, which help achieve a ideal fit for each measured cut.

Determine exact bevel and miter angles – The calculator can determine exact bevel and miter angles and stores the measurements so you don’t have to constantly reposition the apparatus.

The miter cut feature has a wide input range of 0 to 220 degrees that’s perfect for finding the exact angle needed for baseboards, molding, framing, and other projects where precision is needed.

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Easy to read digital display on front and back of the tool
Input angle measurement range of 0-220 degrees with an accuracy of 0.1 degree
Includes 16-inch leg extension for measuring in hard to reach and confined areas

Homder Digital angle finder

Homder angle finder will provide you highest level of accuracy with 0 to 360 degree measuring range and this finder will provides you a resolution of 0.01 degree.
When you will use this angle finder you will notice that this angle finder is easier to use and clearer to read the values even at night also.
This finder has an LCD display which has an indicator of low battery and its upgraded LCD light with new black light make this finder readable even at night.
You can firmly attach this digital protractor to the curved metallic pipe. You can also firmly attaches this metallic pipe to any metallic surfaces this feature makes this finder really different.
This angle finder has only 2 buttons one is zero and the other one is on/off button. You can set the zero function at any angle and the other is on/off button which is easy to use and easy to operate.
Homder digital angle finder has a digital level magnetic bottom with a slite curvature so that you can very easily and quickly attaches to saw table and any all sorts of a metallic surface.
If you are engaged in any kind of carpentry related projects then I can assure you that you will surely get benefit by using Homder angle finder.
The IP42 provides resistance to this digital angle protractor from dust and water which make this angle finder really different from the other. 
Homder digital angle protractor is backed by 18 months manufacture warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase. This protractor will automatically Turn Off after 5 minutes of no operation this function will help you to save the battery power.


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Has  2 buttons one is zero and the other one is on/off button.
Beneficial for carpentry related projects.
Backed by 18 months manufacture warranty.
It automatically turns off after 5 minutes of no operation.


I did not get any negative point about this angle finder. 

AccuRemote Digital Electronic Magnetic Angle Gage Level 

Produced using thick plastic – The sides and best are produced using thick plastic, which is resistant to harm from being dropped of knocked around.

The magnets in 3 facets allow you to attach the cube to any steel object. So this digital angle finder will really help you to attach in object.

LCD show is easy to read in brilliant daylight –  The vast LCD show is easy to read, even in brilliant daylight. While this style of display has dropped out of style recently, the visibility is better than any OLED display we’ve come across recently. 

9v battery lasts for 250 hours – It has standard 9V battery which lasts for(250hrs) which is really long that means you can take this angle finder to any anywhere as its charge will last for 250 hours which is really long.

Easiest models to use –  It’s one of the easiest models to use, leading to it’s widespread adoption from both professionals and hobbyists.

Provides limited period warranty – This digital angle finder provides limited period  year full replacement warranty.

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9V battery which lasts for 250hrs.
LCD show is easy to read, even in brilliant daylight.
Easiest models to use.

General Tools 822 Digital Angle Finder Rule

Makes precise measurements for easy woodworking – Digital stainless steel ruler and angle finder combo makes precise measurements for easy woodworking which is really great for the woodworker.

Suitable for various projects – The rulers come in 5 or 10-inch length, making them suitable for various types of projects. There is even a Bluetooth model available, which can save all measurements to a matched cell phone.

Comes with large LCD display – Its protector comes with a large LCD display which helps to see the screen or display. With this digital angle finder, you will get an accurate measurement. 

Has lock and reverse angle-  This digital protractor has a lock and reverses angle functions that make all types of work easy and fast.

Warranty – This digital angle finder provides one-year parts and product warranty. Buyers will get durability for their price. 

Helpful for preventing it from moving This is helpful for preventing it from moving when using it for drawing and holding an angle.


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Comes with large LCD display.
Digital protractor has a lock and reverses angle.

Igaging Digital Protractor

Has large clear LCD display Igaging digital protractor has large clear LCD display strong blade lock holds securely for transfer of measurements reversible reading that allows you to flip the display reading to right side up measures range.

Battery compartment has two thin plastic tabs-  The battery compartment has two thin plastic tabs that are difficult to grab without fingernails or a thin screwdriver. 

Accuracy –  Despite of it’s reasonable value, this is one of the more exact choices available. Measurements are repeatable down to 5/100ths of a degree, which is absolutely remarkable.

Great device for making accurate angle – This is a great device for making accurate angles with wood projects. It will be a great buy for the money every wood shopper should target to buy this digital caliper. 

Warranty – This Igaging digital protractor provides limited period warranty. If you want to learn more about Igaging digital caliper then you can read our article best digital caliper.

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Great device for making accurate angles.
Has large LCD display.
Battery power is excellent.

Tacklife MDP02 Advanced Digital Protractor Level

Durable design – Embedded strong magnets firmly and securely attaches to any metal surfaces. Its compact and portable size is convenient for using with more other tools. 

Provides multiple functions – This digital protractor has data hold function; Low power indication; Automatic shutdown after 3 minutes without any operation.

Super large LCD display helps in reading easily and clearly – Its super large LCD lets you read easily and clearly. It has a flip display to view angle in any direction; Measuring range: 360 degrees(4×90°); Resolution: 0.1. 

Warranty – This digital protractor provides two years or 24 months warranty that means it provides durability to the buyers who are expending their money.

Provides very fine measurements once its calibrated – This is very sensitive and will give you very fine measurements once its calibrated to your table or device. 

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Absolute angle measurement.
Relative angle measurement.
Conversion of degree and percentage of slope.

16″ Digital Protractor, Angle Finder

Measures angles accurately and quickly – The digital protractor/angle finder is a one-of-a-kind product that measures angles accurately and quickly.

Ideal for checking and transferring angles – It’s ideal for checking and transferring angles for remodeling, cabinet installation, counter installation, measuring roof angles, fitting up windows or doors, aligning wood forms for concrete pouring, fitting up of carpeting and parquet or tile floors, aligning and checking of banisters and rails, checking for correct fit-up to any angled surface, and much more.

Features a back-lit digital readout  – It features a back-lit digital readout and has a hold function to freeze the measurements.

   Its display reading “Hold” function illuminated LCD display

 Two spirit levels set at 90 degrees-  This digital protractor angle finder has two spirit levels set at 90 degrees to each other for applications when you need a standard level.

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Measures angles accurately and quickly.
Ideal for checking and transferring angles.
Spirit levels set at 90 degrees.

Capri Tools 20005 Digital Angle Gauge

Super strong magnets securely attach to saw blades –  It has super strong magnets enable this gauge to securely attach to saw blades.

Has automatic LCD backlight – This digital angle gauge has automatic LCD backlight has a 0.1 degree resolution display, shut-off feature, and digit inversion.

Accurate and precise measuring device – This is an accurate and precise measuring device to help with the best repair work.

Works great with miter saws and table saws – It works great with miter saws and table saws for producing precise measurements.

Zero button can calibrate the angle gauge to any surface The zero button can calibrate the angle gauge to any surface, which means your table saw or other surface does not have to be perfectly leveled to achieve accurate, relative measurements.

Has automatic LCD backlight-  It has an automatic LCD backlight, super strong magnets, and an automatic shut off feature, you have some of the best built in technology to make your job easy.

Warranty – This digital angle finder provides  year warranty against manufacturer defects.

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Easy-to-read backlit screen
Rechargeable battery
Has an automatic LCD backlight

Buyers guide of digital angle finder

There are a few things that you would need to search for with regards to picking the privilege digital angle finder. A standout amongst the most imperative components to search for is a locking highlight that permits the clients to secure the arms at any angle.

This is imperative on the grounds that on the off chance that you can’t bolt the arms, you should attempt to hold the arms set up which isn’t generally conceivable.

The show ought to be anything but difficult to peruse and huge in size so you are not squinting to see the readings. In the event that the show is illuminated, that is far and away superior.

An auto-off element is essential for developing battery life. Once in a while an apparatus gets set down and not required for 60 minutes or thereabouts. The auto-off element permits the gadget to control off all alone and spare the battery.

You need to pick a model that has solid, sturdy development materials like stainless steel which will be rustproof and consumption safe. You additionally need to ensure that the markings are profoundly scratched so they don’t wear off with utilize.

An implicit level is dependably a most loved component with clients so they realize that the surfaces and protests they are taking a shot at are level. The reversible show is likewise great and permits the client to flip the show toward you,

You need to discover models with a decent memory work that secures in the angle that you have set. This keeps the client from having to over and again re-measure an angle that is utilized frequently.

Which Digital Protractor is Right for Me?

Digital protector will depend on how you wants to use it, If you are engaged in a construction industry in that case accuracy will be the most important thing for you. If you want a accurate digital protector then we will highly recommend “ GemRed Angle Finder ” . It is not only one of the accurate measuring tool but also it is incredible easy to use. This tool is pretty much ideal for measuring any kind of angles of things that are already there. You can clip it to your ruler after that hold it against something and then you will get exact measurements of a line drawn on a board, but for anything that’s already in place this is the tool you will really want for you. 

If you are looking for a something better suited DIY projects, then you should probably look for a tool that has its ruler built in. You should got two options. The bosch angle finder  is for those who want to make their calculations simpler. This angle finder can find the inverse of certain angles, it’s ideal for making cuts, calculating complimentary angles, after that figure out the next step in your project.  

If your accuracy is priority then Igaging digital protractor will be a great option for you. With twice the precision of the general tool model this tool will be a great choice for anyone who wants to run their own number and who values great accuracy above all the other metrics.

How to Calibrate a Digital Angle Finder?

During rough weather or due to any kind of misuse, your digital angle finder may not work as you expect it to do. The angles won’t be accurate and your whole project may fail due to this. That’s when you need to calibrate your tool.

To calibrate a digital angle finder, all you need is a carpenter square. Carpenter squares have three edges, one of them is of 90 degrees. So the other two edges are of 45 degrees.

Now, leave the square on a plane surface and set the angle finder at one of the edges. When the two arms are placed accurately, reset the tool by pressing the ‘zero’ button. It will set the reading to zero.

Now squeeze the arms and align the two arms until the reading shows 45 degrees. After reaching there, press the reset button again. There you go. The calibration is complete. You can double-check the calibration by measuring the right angle of the square.

FAQ – Best Digital Protractor

When do I calibrate the tool? 

When the reading is not zero at the initial the tools need to be calibrated. 

The display is dimming what should I do?

At first, you have to check your batteries if you can’t find any fault there then you can replace them. 

The angle finder cost more for features I don’t need. Is it worth paying for them?

You will not buy a tool for the present only. As you don’t know what you are going to do tomorrow. You may need the feature which you don’t need now and then you might don’t have enough time to buy an angle finder. So plan ahead.  

What will be the exact cost to buy angle finder?

The exact cost to buy an angle finder will be between $18 to $26.  


So here we give the features of 10 best digital angle finder of 2020 which will help the buyer to  select a quality digital angle finder for their work to solve any purpose.  

So it’s time to take decision you should read all the review carefully before buying digital angle finder for your . If you are satisfied with this digital angle finder you can recommend it to your friends and relatives.

However, the choice is yours! Nobody is forcing you to pick one from here. Whatever you pick just pick wisely. That’s all for now. Supremeten is always here to solve all your ten best product related problems. If you have anything on mind feel free to state. More essential product lists are coming soon. Till then:

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