Is it crazy that I’m writing about stocking stuffer ideas in October? I don’t think so! Because if you’re looking to save money you need to make your lists and start looking for the best deals now.

As a kid one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning was opening all the little gifts in my stocking. And as a mother, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is now putting stockings together.

While the stockings I make for my girls are usually filled with inexpensive Christmas candy (think: Dollar Tree) I do love adding a few small gifts that I know they’ll love.

If you’re not sure what to put in stockings this year I’ve compiled my favorite ideas for everyone on your list.

I linked to some of my favorite options on Amazon. At the time I wrote this everything I linked to was under $15 (a lot of it is WAY under $15.) BUT prices may change so be sure to check the price before adding to your cart.

Either way, I hope this list gives you lots of cheap stocking stuffer ideas to consider!
Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Girls Scented Markers Glitter Crayons Classic Card Games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Slap Jack, etc.) Hair Bows Fun Socks Sticker Earrings Play-Doh Sparkle Slime (Also good for tween girls) Squishies (Also good for tween girls) Small Stuffed Animals Gloves Cozy Beanie Bath Paint Candy Finger Puppets Necklace/Bracelets Bath Toys Magic 8 Ball Tooth Brush Spy Pens For Teen/Tween Girls Water Bottle (My daughters love this brand.) Pens Scented Pencils Fun Socks Ear Buds Planners/Cute Notebooks Face Mask Lip Balm Brush Head Bands Bath Bombs Gloves Beanie Initial Necklace Body Spray/Perfume Nail Polish Fun Soap Body Scrub Candy/Favorite Treat iTunes Gift Card Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Boys Markers Bouncy Balls Hot Wheels Dinosaur Bath Bombs Gloves Carhartt Beanie Jacks Game Small Stuffed Animal Bath Crayons Play-Doh Slime Shakers Themed Socks Rubik’s Cube Whoopi Cushion Binoculars YoYo Joke Book Candy Tooth Brush Flash Light For Teen/Tween Boys Gloves Beanie Hackey Sack Fun Socks Candy/Favorite Treat Flash Light iTunes Gift Card Body Spray Hair Gel Tooth Brush Ear Buds Body Wash Underwear Deodorant Sneaker Balls Pens Water Bottle Wallet Exotic Jerky Mechanical Pencils Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her Lotion Body Spray Face Mask Body Brush Wooden Spoons Magnetic Measuring Spoons Measuring Cups Winter Gloves Phone Case Tweezerman Tweezers Tinted Chapstick Cozy Beanie Candles Dry Shampoo Loofah Sponge Earrings Cozy Socks Body Scrub Coffee Mug Hair Elastics For Him Beard Oil Razors Body Wash Work Gloves Winter Hat Thermal Socks Travel Coffee Mug Beef Jerky Dad Jokes Book Working Hands Lotion GoJo Hand Warmers Universal Sockets Tool Beer Can Cover Toenail Clippers Car Air Freshener BBQ Seasonings Toothbrush Fancy Pen Small Notepads Tons of Inexpensive, Fun Options
If you were having a hard time coming up with inexpensive stocking stuffer ideas I hope this list helped.

And remember, even though I linked to all the items on Amazon you may be able to find similar items for a lot less at other places.

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