Kitchen Stickin’ makes labeling easy

Recently, I was asked to try out Kitchen Stickin, a new product that makes labeling easy. The entrepreneur behind it lives here in St. Louis and I was happy to say yes. I’m glad I did!

Kitchen Stickin’ is a simple product: It’s a dispenser for painter’s tape with a place to hold a marker. It comes with Command strips so you can easily adhere it to a cabinet or the refrigerator so that you always have an easy way to label something. (It comes with the tape and a marker!)

I absolutely love simple solutions to common problems and Kitchen Stickin’ fits the bill. As soon as it arrived, we used the Command strips to put it on the side of the refrigerator, where it’s actually out of view. I can now easily pull off a piece of blue painter’s tape to label leftovers or other containers. I’d never labeled my leftovers before, but I find it so handy! For less ephemeral items in the kitchen, I would typically use my beloved Brother P-touch Cube label maker, which connects with an app on my phone. But using painter’s tape is so much easier than getting the label maker out and fiddling with technology.

I recently started eating overnight oats for breakfast and one of the ingredients is chia seeds. I bought a large container of chia seeds at Whole Foods and since I only use a teaspoon at a time, I decanted some into one of my favorite small containers, a Oui yogurt jar so the seeds would take up less room in my kitchen cabinet. (I stored the bulk of the chia seeds in overflow storage.) I quickly made a label for it using Kitchen Stickin’. So gratifying. Here’s a photo of that labeled jar.

Its uses aren’t limited to the kitchen, of course. I’ve used it for a label on a container of a particular collection of lettering pens, for instance. Having the tape and marker together in an established location makes labeling anything easier. And I’m all about ease (and labels!).

In case you’d like to try it, Kitchen Stickin’ has offered Peace of Mind Organizing blog readers a discount! Use the discount code PEACEOFMIND at checkout to get a 10% discount on your entire order. Or click on this link to go to the website and automatically get your discount.