Looking for dorm room inspiration for your 2021 dorm? Here are the best dorm rooms you will want to copy.


Planning how to decorate your dorm room is so much fun but it can get to be exhausting!! Look no further because I have rounded up all of the dorm room inspiration you will ever need! Your dorm room will look AMAZING after taking inspiration from these dorm rooms. 

Whether you're going for a fun, bright look or a cozy, boho look, I've got you covered! 

This post contains all the dorm room inspiration you need in 2021.


1. Use a tapestry to fill up that empty wall space

Recreate this trendy, beachy dorm room: 

I think everyone has this dorm room saved somewhere deep in their Pinterest boards. It's so put together and cozy. 

I love this dorm room because I feel like it's approachable and can be easily recreated, but it also looks unique. 

2. Stick with an all white color scheme

Recreate this beautiful, bright dorm room: 

This dorm room is TOO cute. I love how clean and bright the white looks, but also the fun neon sign accent. Neon signs are the new major dorm room trend. 

3. Add lots of throw pillows and texture

Recreate this cozy, chic dorm room: 

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This room looks like the literal BEST place to crash after a long day. It looks so warm and cozy. 

I love the black and white posters, they have a very chic and fancy look . 


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4. A cute desk space = ultimate productivity 

Recreate this cute, organized desk: 

Having a cute desk space is essential. This is where you're going to be spending a LOT of time studying and doing work, make it more enjoyable with cute decor. 

I love the acrylic organization accessories on the desk and the white photo grid. Photos are so important to have with you in college! 

5. Make a cute coffee station for a morning pick-me-up

Recreate this cute and convenient mini fridge set up: 

Omg. I so wish I did something like this in my dorm room. I have so many cute mugs and didn't even think of displaying them like this. 

I would have loveddd to get my morning coffee in this cute little corner. 

6. Add floating shelves to your room

Recreate this cute, organized desk: 

If you can find a way to hang some shelves with command hooks, this is seriously the cutest idea. I'm obsessed with the fake plants and fun accents! 

7. Use black and white to create a bold look

Recreate this black and white dorm bedding:

This dorm is so simple and so pretty. In dorm rooms, pairing patterned sheets and a solid comforter is so cute. The black throw pillow is super unique and matches so well. 

8. Use vines to add an earthy vibe 

Recreate this cozy, earthy corner: 

The classic dorm room white, brick walls have nothing on us. There are so many ways to cover up the empty space, but these vines might be one of the most popular ways. I love the way this corner turned out. 

9. Use peel and stick wallpaper 

Recreate this fun, bright dorm room:

Peel and stick wallpaper was practically invented for dorm rooms. I used it on one wall in my dorm room and I LOVED the way it turned out. It makes your room feel so homey and put together. 

10. Add different textures for boho perfection

Recreate this boho, neutral corner: 

Boho is one of my favorite dorm room styles. I love the way it has neutral colors but is still has so many interesting accents. 

11. Arrange your room in a unique way 

Recreate this yellow, rustic looking dorm room:

I never would have thought to arrange a dorm room like this. There is probably so much more room AND you get a cute daybed effect. 

12. Use warm, fun colors and patterns 

Recreate this beautiful, boho bed: 

I love how coordinated this dorm room is. The bedding, pillows, and photo collage all match and I am here for it! 

Photo collages are so nice because they're super easy, can be personalized, and fill up all that empty wall space!! 

13. Don't be afraid of lots of wall decor 

Recreate this cozy, well decorated dorm room:

Dorm rooms are SO blah when you move in. The more decor you add, the more fun it will look! 

14. Floating shelf, boho masterpiece 

Recreate this trendy, urban boho dorm room: 

This boho space is almost too good to be true. I never thought about bringing a record player to a dorm room but I really like it as decor! 

This style of floating shelf is perfect because it can be hung with command hooks super easily! 

15. Neon signs are the perfect addition to any room 

Recreate this cute, bright dorm room:

I'm literally in love with this cozy little space. There are only 2 really components to this wall decor, but they make such an impact. 

16. Don't be afraid to mix patterns 

Recreate this fun, boho dorm room:

This boho space is so unique and one of a kind. I love all of the mixed posters, art, and throw pillows. 

17. Coordinate with your roommate

Recreate this pink and pretty dorm room:

This pretty and preppy dorm room is so cute. I love the art above their beds that coordinate and the matching everything! 

18. Go for a minimalistic look 

Recreate this minimalistic, bright dorm room:

l am in love with this dorm room. Like how is this even real?? I seriously can't get over it. 

If you have an opportunity to have a coffee table in your dorm room, DO IT. 

19. Pay attention to your desk space

Recreate this glamorous desk space:

You can't forget to decorate your dorm room desk!! You're going to be spending a lot of time there. 

I love this trendy, acrylic chair that's perfect for a makeup desk like this. 

20. Use string lights for cozy lighting 

Recreate this trendy, bold dorm room:

I had this exact pin saved when I went to college as inspiration for my dorm room. I was so obsessed with it and I still am. 

I love the lighting and the fun pillows. Also, the lips mirror is adhesive!! So perfect for a dorm room. 

21. Use lamps to create a homey, classy look

Recreate this coordinated, pink dorm room:

This coordinated dorm room is so sophisticated and beautiful. I especially love the matching white linen cork boards.

22. Use cube shelving for storage under your bed 

Recreate this classic, white dorm room:

I'm pretty sure we all have owned one of these cube organizers at some point in our childhood. They are so convenient for under-bed storage in dorm rooms! 

23. Take advantage of the space you have available 

Recreate this classy, bright dorm room:

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I said it once and I will say it again, If you can have a mini living room, DO IT. How amazing is this dorm room? 

I seriously can't get over how perfect this dorm room is. 

24. Add a ton of throw pillows

Recreate this beautiful, blue dorm room:

I had wayy too many pillows on my bed, but honestly can there ever be too many? I love being able to snuggle up in my cozy bed with pillows surrounding me .

This dorm room is absolutely stunning. I love how all of the wall decor coordinates with the bedding. 

25. Peel and stick wallpaper can make a huge difference

Recreate this vibey, cozy dorm room:

As soon as I saw this dorm room I was so in love. Sometimes with dorm rooms, more is more! You start with SUCH a blank canvas, you really do have to bring a lot. 

The gallery wall on top of the peel and stick wallpaper is something I would not have thought to do, but I love the effect it creates. 

26. Hang fake flowers and polaroid pics on your wall 

Recreate this girly, earthy dorm room:

I loveee this cozy little corner. I have seen the flowers done like this many times but this is by far my favorite way I have seen them. Everything about this dorm room is perfection. 

27. Animal print comforters are so popular

Recreate this preppy, fun dorm room:

If you can get your hands on a custom neon sign with your name, DO IT. I loveee the neon sign look for dorm rooms, and having a custom one is even more special. 

The mixed patterns make a super cute overall look and I love the way this room is put together! 

28. Get a wire photo grid 

Recreate this cute photo display:

I had a gold photo grid in my dorm room and I loved it. It's super lightweight and easy to transport, but it takes up so much wall space! 

29. Make a photo collage wall

Recreate this fun, photo collage desk area:

I'm obsessed with this little corner. It doesn't get more trendy than this. 

I could def imagine the late night study sessions at this desk and all the fun pics my roommates and I would take in front of this wall. 

This post had all of the best Dorm Room Inspiration you need. 

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