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Are you looking for some Montessori style activities for your 18-24 months old? Remember that every child and every family is different. Above is a child's bedroom at 23 months. It is very simple. Note the choice of two tops in the wardrobe, a low chair for dressing, low floor bed, and low bookshelf. Everything is at the child's height.

I've included some toys that we use at 18-24 months. These toys are compatible with Montessori at home, however, they are not specifically Montessori materials. When we introduce Montessori activities we generally give the child a demonstration (show the child how to use them) first and place the material on low shelving. The child is then able to choose the work when they wish. The idea is that learning is child-led. Also, remember to encourage the child to clean up and return the materials to the shelf when finished, as much as possible. The cycle could include 1. the child chooses the work from the shelves, 2. the child does the work (does the activity) and 3. the child puts the work away. 

Here are some of our favourite and most used activities at 18-24 months.  

Begin to make their bed by straightening up the pillows, pulling down and smoothing over a blanket. 

Very simple flower arranging. The tray contains spills from the child learning to pour water. 

Hang washing. Here the child is hanging socks on a low rail. 

Draw/mark-making with oil pastels.

Paint with dot markers.

Scrub vegetables. 

Help unpack and put away groceries. This can also be a language lesson, naming each item as the child unpacks it. 

Stacking and sorting. These are the Plan Toys stacking cylinder and cube. Stacking cups, boxes or bowls may also be of interest. 

Water plants. Here we are using a very small watering can to limit spills and overwatering. 

Read books based on reality, so the child learns about the world around them. A low forward-facing bookshelf makes it easy for the child to see, get out, and put back their own books. (Similar bookshelves sling, 4 shelves natural, large).

Simple two-piece puzzles (similar two-piece puzzles and realistic First Match-It puzzles).

Stacking peg toy. This is also useful for colour sorting (similar peg board).

Playdough stamping (using these stampers). 

Make footprints in playdough. 

Clay play, making a collage helps to develop the pincer grasp and fine motor skills. 

A circle puzzle for visual discrimination and also colour matching (similar circle puzzle). 

Begin toilet learning. 

Explore nature. 

Visit a farm. 

Colour stacking rings (similar rings here). 

Pour pre-measured ingredients into a bowl...

and mix. The child can begin to help with baking. 

Water plants outside. 

Match model insects to cards. (TOOB insects with homemade cards, although these cards would work for around six insects). 

Match model vehicles to cards. (Siku model vehicles with homemade cards).

Match Schleich model animals to cards.

Peg sorting. 

Use self-inking stamps.

Chop soft foods with a crinkle cutter. (This crinkle cutter is good too and I also recommend these knives). 

Mop the floor. Try sweeping or using a dust-pan and brush.

Climb a Pikler Arch. 

Sort cutlery. 

Drop coins into a lockable cash box. 

Use a lockbox (this one is by Lovevery).

Remember that doing activities and preparing the environment are only a part of Montessori at home. To find out more about Montessori parenting you might enjoy:

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