One household chore that is not going anywhere is laundry

A quote I read a while ago will always stand true, “Laundry today or naked tomorrow.” My mother used to say something similar growing up. Everyone has laundry that needs doing! 

We all have dreamt of having a gorgeous laundry room that would make this household chore more enjoyable. I mean, having a dedicated folding space, a gorgeous cabinet system, shiny new machines…that would just be a dream, right?

Well, at least that’s what the laundry room ideas Pinterest shows us would have us think. 

Sadly, that’s not always the case for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make YOUR laundry room ideas fit both your wishes and your space! 

There are simple laundry room organization tips and tricks to make completing laundry more enjoyable and efficient. Even if you do not have first or second-floor laundry access, you can use these laundry room ideas to inspire you to create the laundry room of your dreams.

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1. Organizer Cubes Turned and Hung

Found on Simply Designing

The cube organizers have become very popular over the past few years. Most of the time you will see them in a room for additional storage with the storage cube bins.

Before reading this article from Simply Designing, I would never have thought to put the organizer on its side or hang it on the wall.

Such an ingenious idea that offers so much storage (at a fraction of the cost of an upper kitchen cabinet like you normally would see)! We often don’t think about upward storage outside the kitchen. Very brilliant!

2. Counter Space for Folding

Found on Making it in The Mountains

I don’t know about you, but I spend the majority of my clothing folding time on my bed watching TV. It is the only space I have available. I keep dumping the clean loads onto the bed and then spend the night folding.

Kelan comes up for bed and there is no room for him immediately because of all the clean clothes folded. Having a designated place where I could fold immediately after taking clothes out of the dryer would make this task a lot easier and efficient. I love the idea of using a butcher block of wood. 

Look closely at the design for this counter. To fit this into your laundry room ideas on a budget, find a thrift store or garage sale farmhouse table, paint to suit your needs, and cut it down the middle(ish) the long way.

Simply mount it to a 2×4 and attach to the wall. Voila, beautiful clothes folding station but with basically no work! 

3. Cute & Simple Lint Catcher

Found on A Prudent Life

Most people just have a garbage can in their laundry room. They would use this garbage for lint and used dryer sheets amongst other disposable items. Some people might not understand this hack of using a decorated container to collect lint.

In our house especially, we go camping during the summer. Great campfire starters are toilet paper rolls with lint packed in the center.

By having a designated place to put lint instead of into the garbage can makes this camping hack very simple to complete. I mean hey, sometimes when it comes to laundry room ideas small changes can be bigger than you think! 

4. Epic Missing Socks Hanger

Found on Contemporist

Growing up, I never understood the concept of missing socks. I just thought it was because I grew up with brothers. How could so many socks be missing?

It wasn’t until I moved out on my own and started to do my own laundry that I was experiencing the missing socks phenomenon.

Currently, missing socks who are looking for their pair gather on top of the dresser in the hopes to find their missing mate. I love the idea of having a place designated for missing socks to be displayed so you can visually see what socks are missing.

This is a perfect small laundry room organization idea because it might just eliminate the mess on a dresser, or the “basket of lonely” items that people often have! 

5. Unique Cabinet Hardware

Found on Kids Room Ideas

I am a sucker for unique hardware. I have seen kitchen hardware with forks, knives, and spoons! So different. I love that idea.

If you have cabinet doors in your laundry room that are standard, spice them up a bit. These clothespin hardware takes your boring cabinet doors in your laundry room and makes it homier.

A simple and inexpensive upgrade to your cabinets.

6. Hang Dry Clothes To Save Money

Found on Fox Hollow Cottage

I bought a cheap Walmart laundry contraption to hang clothes to dry that rusted out and bent within a few uses.

We all have clothes that we don’t want to put in the dryer or can’t put in the dryer that we need to hang up. I love how this space has a built-in area to hang clothes to dry, making it a good fit even for a small laundry room design!

This option is more expensive, however, in the long run, you will definitely get your money out of it. A savvy solution to save money on drying clothes in the summer or when it’s nice out it’s to hang dry clothes outside. #freshlinen

7. Rolling Storage Between Machines

Found on Infarrantly Creative

Many homes have some space either between or on the outside of washers and dryers. Use this space to your advantage and create a cart that rolls out similar to the one above made by Infarrantly Creative.

This laundry room organization tip is perfect to make the most use of the space you have in your laundry room.

Place bottles of detergent or fabric softener along with other everyday laundry items that you can grab in arms reach away on this organizer. She takes you step-by-step through the process of creating this awesome laundry room idea!

8. Hang Your Ironing Board

Found on Listotic

This is perfect for our list of basement laundry room ideas since we have our ironing board open in our basement and it takes up a lot of space.

Being able to hang the ironing board and take it down when it needs to be used is a perfect space saver. If you are like us, we don’t iron any of our clothes unless they are extremely wrinkled.

This laundry room idea is perfect for you if you are like us and have a small space.

9. Jar for Laundry Pods

Found on Design Improvised

I have always loved the look of old-fashioned cookie jars. They are so versatile and make for a great organizational storage solution.

Why not dress up laundry detergent and fabric softener in storage containers that are better to look at than the store packaging? It’s such a simple laundry room decor idea since it adds some character but still serves a great function!

I have seen many different ideas of storage containers on Pinterest. Search and use the best one that works for you and your laundry room. 

P.S. – Make sure to keep these well out of reach and sight from children! 

10. Install Dryer Box Into The Wall

Found on Well-Groomed Home

We have our dryer in our basement so this laundry room idea is definitely for a future resource for us.

If you currently have your dryer on the first or second floor you are definitely going to want to implement this laundry room idea so your dryer is flat up against the wall like your washing machine.

Again, this idea is a little more expensive but totally worth it in the end.

11. Use Your Door To Increase Storage

Found on HGTV

Using a hanging organizer for added storage is the laundry room door idea of your dreams.

Who needs fancy glass doors that say “laundry” when you can instead HIDE your extra items from regular view! 

12. Inviting Laundry Sign

Found on What Treasures Await

If you absolutely insist that your laundry entrance needs some spicing up but you can’t spring for the fancy glass door, try adding some laundry room decor Hobby Lobby could provide.

This tutorial for a simple wooden hanging sign might be just the dose of “cute” that your laundry room needs to be much more welcoming (making you want to do laundry more often)! 

13. Add Some Character

Found on OneKindDesign


I love how compact this laundry room is while still having all the elements that make it incredibly functional! Besides having folding space, a hanging bar, and ironing board wall storage, it goes above and beyond to just simply be cute!

I especially love how fun it would be to paint or customize the letters to suit your decor and personality!

You could always get smaller letters to use so that your laundry shelves over the washer and dryer still have storage room leftover! 

14. Hanger Storage

Found on Pigskins & Pigtails

Sure, we’ve got ideas on this list for hanging bars for drying your clothes. But what if you’re the kind of person that likes to bring the empty hangers from your closet to the laundry so that you can hang the laundry straight out of the dryer?

I mean, talk about wrinkle-free efficiency! 

No matter the size of your laundry room this is the perfect addition wherever you can add the small hanging bar.

Even if you have a small laundry room or a top-loading washer, this would still work if you just make sure your shelf is high enough! 

15. Put Regularly Used Items Within Hands Reach

Found on Sugar & Cloth

Nothing makes me hate laundry more than fumbling with opening up those darn cardboard dyer sheet boxes.

Instead, put this pop-up dispenser on your laundry room ideas DIY list! 

16. Add Creative Storage

Found on Good Housekeeping

Sometimes laundry rooms have some really weird configurations and spacing, which means you need to turn it into a small modern laundry room.

How? By breaking from the norm of using the traditional kitchen-style cabinets and adding your own unique touch, like a simple bookshelf for easy extra storage space!

17. Change Jar

Found on Etsy

Sure, in today’s world of using credit and debit cards more often than cash, maybe this isn’t as needed for your house. But you never know when the random quarter from the cart at Aldi found its way to your pocket and then the laundry without you noticing! 

18. Make It Fun

Found on Fresh Home

Whether you simply add a colorful backsplash or go all out and paint the cabinets a wild and vibrant color, adding some unique personality to your laundry room can really brighten up your space and make it just plain fun to be in! 

19. Add Subtle Intrigue

Found on Dear Lillie

Maybe lime green cabinets aren’t your thing, or neutrals just suit you better. Consider jazzing up your flooring for a simple, affordable, and fast renovation that can really give the room a big makeover! 

20. Streamline The Process

Found on Martha Stewart

This is probably my favorite idea on the whole list. Using extra large tote bags to carry laundry through the house instead of laundry baskets!

I love the clear tags to identify how each bag of laundry should be washed, I love that you can include written instructions so your husband can’t screw it up (*cough* Kelan *cough*), and it is SO much easier to carry a bag on your shoulder up the stairs instead of lugging a basket with your arms stretched out wide!

Maybe best of all is how SLIM the storage for these would be when they aren’t in use!!!

 These laundry room ideas will hopefully inspire you to rethink your laundry room. One way to increase your productivity and efficiency with doing the chore of laundry is to rethink your space. Happy washing and drying!
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