Outdoor Decoration Ideas with Old Stuff

It’s fun to be creative and find outdoor decor ideas using old stuff and recycled objects to spruce up your outdoors. There are so many things you can do with that stuff, that it is simply too much to describe in a short article. You need to start by collecting your tools and accessories. First, gather all the stuff you’d like to transform into your new outdoor decor.

When you have all your stuff ready, go out and canvass for more ideas to utilize the old stuff. Once you have collected a lot of stuff, take them out outdoor (preferably in your backyard or front yard). And look at what you can do with that old stuff. Here are some ideas.

Old Door

Have you ever thought that the old door can be used to decorate your outdoor space? The old door can do more than your expectation. It can be used to beautify your garden fence, to hang your planter, a garden wall, as a backdrop, and many more. Choose the one that you think is most suitable for your outside decoration.


Choosing this old door decoration will add a vintage touch to this garden and will create a stylish space that will grab the attention of many. You can use this door to place greenery in galvanized pots for a stylish room decor idea. Putting it in a wooden fence will create a stylish garden. Old door decoration from homebnc.


Applying an old door for a garden fence idea makes for the perfect room decoration and it will look more vintage. You can also add a vintage small dining table set to create a matching garden. Choosing rustic blooming flowers in old pots will present the most suitable room for your outdoor decoration. The brick floor will also make your garden more interesting. Garden old fence from homebnc.


The old windows and doors that were reused from making the Gates will create an interesting old garden for you to try. This decoration can be used to beautify your garden fence. You can also add a wooden fence to balance out this old garden. Some greenery and green grass will also make your garden fresher and have a natural impression. old windows and doors gates from homebnc.


Choosing this old door backdrop will add a vintage impression to your old garden so that it will become the perfect focal point of the room. Adding this vintage furniture will add a stylish room and will pay attention to many people. This vintage glass ornament and vintage hanging lamp create a stylish room. Old door backdrop from homebnc.

Old Shutter

Don’t throw your old shutter and utilize them to make your outdoor looks stand out. You can turn the old shutter into a raised garden bed for your blooming flower. If you have more creativity, you can make a side table from the old shutter. All you have to do is just take four old shutters and adjoined them. For the surface, you can use glass material and get a vintage look. Place the side table on your porch to add the beauty of the outdoor look.


Vintage shutters look more interesting for you to put on your vintage porch decoration. The teal paint is so dirty that it is browner than green in color. They have been arranged into a cube and combined with the glass surface for a vintage look. You can add blooms in terracotta pots to give a fresh touch to the terrace of this house. Vintage shutters table from homebnc.


Using small old shutters to create an elevated garden bed, painting it white, and changing out plants and flowers will create an attractive garden for you to try. This garden bed is also a great space for old garden decorations that will grab the attention of many. You can put it in the corner of your garden for the perfect garden decoration idea. Raised old shutters from diynetwork.

Old Drawer

If you want to have vintage garden decor, get this look by adding the old drawer. You can turn the old drawer for the planter idea. Plant your flower or another plant in the drawer. It can enhance your garden look. It looks unusual but beautiful at the same time.

9-dresser-planter (1)

Love the unique garden idea of using old drawers for succulent growers. It’s a great way to add depth and make your garden look bigger. You can put this plant drawer in the corner of your garden so that you will create the perfect garden. Using used tins for planter ideas creates an interesting space. Old drawers succulent planter from diyncrafts.


Having vintage decor will create an eye-catching old garden look. You can turn old drawers for planter ideas. You can plant a variety of greenery and blooms to create a stylish room. You can paint it dark blue to create a stylish old garden look. Galvanized pot planters will complement your garden so that it will present a unique rustic garden. Blue old drawer planter from diyncrafts.

Old Ladder

Need some plant stand in your garden? Take your old ladder and hang or put your planter there. The old ladders are wonderful for the garden decor. This is a suitable plant stand idea to get a beautifully rustic and vintage garden look.


This white paint staircase will present an old garden that will steal the attention of many people. Old stairs are good for garden decoration. This is a plant idea that is perfect for getting that beautifully rustic and vintage garden look. Choosing a garden of greenery and colorful blooms will give your room a bright and cheerful decor. White old ladder from architectureartdesigns.


This old garden decoration idea is complemented by a planter from an old staircase that will grab the attention of many. You can add a square pot and fill it with a variety of colorful blooms to make your garden fresh and cheerful. You can place this ladder on a green fence in the garden so that it creates a garden that will amaze and steal the attention of many people. Old ladder garden from architectureartdesigns.

Those are some outdoor decor ideas using old stuff you might already have. Use your imagination to come up with more great ideas on how you can beautify your home starting with your garden. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Just think about those things which are in your home that you don’t even use as much as you can.

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