Poufs are similar to bean bags in some ways and to ottomans in others but they’re also unique and different from everything else

They’re cute and chic and comfy and they can be both casual and very elegant which is not something many other furniture pieces can do. This versatility adds a lot to their character. Today we’re talking about a specific type of pouf, the DIY kind. We’ll have a look at a few designs and gather some ideas so we can then potentially put them to good use and come up with a custom project plan.

This cute pouf was made from scratch. The materials used include outdoor fabric, coordinating upholstery thread, piping trim, a zipper, fiberfill and polystyrene beads. Cutting all the square pieces of fabric was the first step. Then the zipper was added and the pieces were put together to make the cover for the pouf. It was then filled with all the beads and fiberfill and that was it. Doesn’t it look lovely? You can find more detailed instructions about this project on prettyhandygirl if you’re interested.

A pouf can also be used as a cute little bean bag for kids. This one certainly has the perfect design for it. It’s also colorful and looks beautiful outdoors which is always a plus. When filled, the pouf is 24” wide and 13” tall. If you want to make one just like it, start by cutting six strips of fabric around 39” by 14”. Mark the lines where they need to be sewn together (12” down each side from either end) and then connect them making sure to leave an opening so you can fill the pouf. Add the styrofoam beads and sew the opening, then enjoy. Check out the tutorial on nalleshouse if you want more details.

You might be wondering what type of fabric you could use for your pouf to make it look nice and cozy but also to ensure that it’s durable and resilient. Well, a couple of rag rugs could work just fine. Use a tapestry needle and cotton cord to sew them together and to shape your pouf. Before you start sewing, use pins to make a mock design just to have a better idea of how everything fits together and to decide whether alterations need to be made to the design. Leave an opening so you can add the filler, then sew it shut and admire your new cozy pouf. More details about this project can be found on abeautifulmess.

The best part about making the pouf yourself is that you can choose exactly what type of fabric you want to use and you can pick any color and pattern that you like. A really nice idea in this sense comes from hometreeatlas where you can find the tutorial for this chevron pouf. The black and white is always a beautiful combination which looks exquisite in any decor. Combined with the chevron pattern it gives this pouf a classic and stylish look with a modern and casual flair.

If you want to you can also create a custom design for the fabric that you’ll be making the pouf out of. You can use fabric paint and various templates to add character to your pouf and you can also come up with your own original ideas based on the things that you like. In any case, you should first check out this tutorial from camillestyles to learn a bit more about the materials and techniques involved in the process.

As mentioned before, there are lots of similarities between poufs and bean bag chairs, especially the small ones designed for kids. This right here is a nice example. This was intended to function mainly as a bean bag chair and it was designed in such a way that you can flip it and reveal two different colors, one for the top and one for the bottom. It has a simple and symmetrical shape which makes that very easy and it’s also very comfortable. If you want the full tutorial, head over to projectnursery.

This bean bag chair is quite big but it’s not that more difficult to make than any of the poufs we’ve shown you so far. The main difference is the scale of all the fabric pieces you’ll be using. Given the design, this requires two big circles, one for the top and one for the bottom, and a long rectangle for the middle section. You need to sew these together and to insert a big zipper somewhere along the lines so you can then fill the bag. It will take a lot of foam and you’ll need a big opening so make sure you use an extra long zipper. Check out somuchtomake for more details.

If you want something smaller and with a better-defined shape then a pouf is the way to go. You could use it as an ottoman or a footstool when you’re sitting and relaxing on the sofa or on a chair but it could also come in handy when you need extra seating for your guests. This particular one featured on thehappyhousie.porch is even more versatile because it can be used both indoor and outdoor. It’s surprisingly easy to make.

When making your own pouf from scratch you have the freedom to choose not only the type of fabric for it but also the shape and the proportions. This for example is a really cool rainbow flower pouf with a colorful and fun design. It’s a bit more complicated and time-consuming compared to a regular cube-shaped pouf but it’s worth the extra effort if you like this particular design and the added color. There’s a lovely tutorial for it thehousethatlarsbuilt which guides you through all the steps of the project.

Unlike the other poufs we’ve shown you so far, this one has a solid interior. That helps it to retain its shape and makes it more rigid. The pouf is built around a small wooden cable spool and has casters on the bottom. The cable spool was covered in dense upholstery foam held together with duct tape, then the beautiful cover was added. The cover is made of velvet fabric and has a trim on the bottom which is iron-on metallic gold vinyl. Check out pillarboxblue if you want to find out more about this project.

Of course, you also have the option of using something other than fabric when making your pouf. Leather could be a nice alternative which could look nice in a more traditional decor. It would also be more durable and washable than fabric which could be beneficial if you have kids or pets. In any case, check out this beautiful leather pouf design from projectsbyjess if you’re in need of inspiration for your project. To make this cover you need to sew 8 pieces of leather vinyl together for the sides and then two octagon-shaped pieces for the top and bottom. This is a moroccan top-stitching pattern which looks gorgeous here.


A really cool and ingenious idea for a DIY pouf is to repurpose a sweater for the actual cover. This will make the whole project a lot easier and faster plus your new pouf will be extra soft and cozy. The first thing you need to do is actually find a sweater that has a pattern, color and texture that you think would look good on your pouf. Cut off the sleeves and sew the openings shuts, then sew the neck hole, add the filler and cut out a piece of fabric for the top and one for the bottom so completely seal the openings. You can find a more complete description of this project on alicewingerden if you’re interested in the details.

This beautiful pouf is made out of super chunky yarn and it’s super easy and fast to make. You can crochet the whole cover using only your hand and you can fill the pouf with a comforter or a blanket. Make sure the filler and the cover have matching colors. You can crochet several of these lovely covers in a single day which makes this one of the absolutely easiest ways to make a pouf. More details about this design and this technique can be found on flaxandtwine.

If you want to you can also add details to your pouf and give the cover a more intricate pattern. This Moroccan pouf design featured on alwaysrooney is gorgeous and not really that difficult either. A thin distressed leather hide works best for this design and for the filler you can use old pillow stuffing and even old pillowcases. Make sure the pouf retains its shape but don’t make it too stiff because then it will become uncomfortable.

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