Raw Presto Pesto Recipe from Ariel Belloso

Need pesto fast? Never fear!

This quick and easy raw vegan presto pesto recipe is here to save the day for pasta, salads & more…

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Raw Presto Pesto


2 Roma Tomatoes – (0.5 Ib / 230 g)
Sun Dried Tomatoes- (1/4 cup / 15 g)
Spinach – (0.25 lb / 115 g)
Basil – (0.25 lb / 115 g)
Arugula – (0.25 lb / 115 g)


Pine Nuts – (1/4 cup / 35 g)
Garlic – (1 clove)


1-    Cube and blend tomatoes with sun-dried tomatoes and optional garlic until smooth. If desiring a creamy pesto add optional pine nuts and blend till smooth as well.

2-    Add the spinach, basil and arugula pulse blending at a low speed using the tamper on your Vitamix at a 4-5 speed setting. If you do not have a Vitamix use a stick of celery and a low speed setting to push the greens into the blade bringing a chunky texture instead of a green purée.

3-    If you desire a chunky nutty pesto add the pine nuts at the end and pulse a few times leaving all sizes of pieces in the sauce.


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