Roland CUBE 10GX amp review

Roland CUBE 10GX

Whether you are just learning, or simply a musician on the go, travelling with an electric guitar is never easy. Lugging around a guitar amplifier with quality sound is normally an inhibitive processbut not with the Roland CUBE 10GX amp (available soon at Best Buy). This lightweight portable amplifier packs incredible sound and functionality into a surprisingly light frame.

Outstanding portability

When I was a school age kid teaching myself to play the guitar, I recall lugging my practice amp everywhere. Even for a smaller amp it was bulky and heavy. Nonetheless as an eager student Id haul it to school, home, friends houses, and more. A tired arm is a small price to pay for rock and roll!

Now in retrospect I truly wish theRoland CUBE 10GXwere there for me during those grungy days in the early 90s. It weighs in at a meager 10 lbs, and at 12 tall by 13 wide, its barely larger than my 4-slice toaster. The cabinet holds a single 8 speaker, and Ill touch more on the surprisingly decent sound further along.

Perhaps my only real beef with the portability of the Roland CUBE 10GX(and truthfully with the amp overall) is the handle. While there is plenty of space on top for a decent one, the handle has surprisingly little slack. Smaller fingers may have an easier time, but I really have to work to wedge mine in between.

Of course the Roland CUBE 10GXin my possession is brand new. Perhaps over time the handle wears in and develops a bit more slack. Still, given that its portability is such a huge selling factor in this amplifier, I would expect the handle to be a bit more flexible.

Roland CUBE 10GX

Sound and effects

At first I was skeptical that such a small amp could deliver enough punch. However, I am pleasantly surprised by the Roland CUBE 10GXand its output capacity. For a 10 watt amplifier with a single 8 speaker, it really holds its own. It delivers more than enough quality sound for a bedroom, studio, or even a small jam space.

The Roland CUBE 10GX has standard tone controls for bass, middle, and treble. It also has three preset amp types. Clean for a traditional, warm tone, Crunch for a bit over heavier overdrive, and finally Lead for a piercing solo sound. Whats truly impressive is that while there are only 3 presets, the Roland CUBE 10GXis actually capable of many more. Ill dig into that a bit further on however.

In addition to these standard presets and tones, the Roland CUBE 10GX incorporates another dial that is especially useful for new guitarists and those with limited space/budgets alike. This dial features three built-in effects, some of which one would often normally achieve through the additional of an external effect pedal. This gives it even more flexibility, as well as ways for new players to experiment.

Firstly, the reverb effect effect creates an exaggeration of the echoing quality that often accompanies large spaces with excellent acoustics. The chorus effect modulates the signal for a thicker soundalmost as if multiple guitars were playing the same part. Finally, the delay effect creates a diminishing repetition of the notes being played, for a particularly haunting effect.

Roland CUBE 10GX

Additional presets with the Roland app

Whats amazing is that the Roland CUBE 10GXdoesnt even limit itself to all of the presets and tones above. Using the companion CUBE KIT app for iOS or Android, any of the three preset slots can be updated. Here guitarists can choose from a wealth of presets meant to imitate different amplifiers and configurations.

Available to choose from are a variety of classic amplifiers. Youll be able to choose presets ranging from a towering Metal Stack to a legendary Brit Combo. You can even select a preset that will mimic the tone of either an acoustic guitar or even a bass.

Updating a preset is as simple as choosing from the available list via the companion app, then connecting you phone to the Roland CUBE 10GXvia the included adapter. A few simple clicks and in a matter of seconds youll have a brand new tone synced to your amp.

Roland CUBE 10GXOther features

There are a few additional features of the Roland CUBE 10GXpractice amp that make it perfect for beginners and pros alike. Firstly it has a headphone jack, which is of course a huge bonus for those looking to get a little extra late night practice in without waking up the rest of the household.

Secondly, the amplifier also has an auxiliary input that allows users to plug in audio from an external source. This means you can play along with your own music. Whether you are playing overtop a pre-recorded jam track or playing along with music by your favourite artists, this is a very cool featureespecially for newer students of the guitar.

Finally, its worth noting that the cabinet itself is very durable and tough. This is ideal considering the nature of the Roland CUBE 10GXpractice amp. Its the sort of amplifier youre likely to me moving around a lot, and its impressive durable nature lends to its overall portability.

Roland CUBE 10GX

The Roland CUBE 10GX practice amp delivers great sound and impressive features with a portable design

I came into the Roland CUBE 10GX assuming I may be able to recommend it as a decent guitar amplifier for beginners on a budget. However my tune quickly changed when I had the chance to test it out. I find its performance and features extremely impressive. Id strongly recommend it to both new players as well as anyone looking for a handy portable solution.

On top of being small, light weight, and durable, the 10GX delivers very respectable sound and a wide array of presets, effects, and tones. Im not exaggerating when I say how badly I wish it had been around when I was first starting out. This amp has incredible value given its specifications and asking price. Even as a grizzled veteran musician I find the Roland CUBE 10GX to have very useful applications, and Id be happy to have it among my amplifier collection. You can find this amp very soon online at Best Buy Canada.

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