Smartest Hostel Packing List in 2020 16 Clever Things to Pack

Traveling to new destinations brings different questions. What if you are staying at a hostel? What should you pack to stay in a hostel? Thriving in a hostel is never easy away from home. You must know what exactly you need to pack to make your hostel life a breeze. Here is a shortlist of packing for hostel life.

Hostel Packing List

1. Padlock

This is a must have item and should hit the list first when it comes to hostel packing. Padlocks keep your bag safe and secure. You are tension free, whether you are traveling or storing the bags in the hostel. Traveling on a bus or on a train can have bad occurrences without a padlock.

Also, you dont know all the people from your hostel. So, it is better to keep your stuff safe and secure with a padlock. You can also use combination locks as a good alternative.

2. Travel-sized Toiletries

While hotels provide complimentary toiletries for their guests, hostels never provide toiletries. So, be sure to grab a travel size toiletry bag and pack all the necessary stuff you need. Here is a quick short list of most commonly used toiletries:




-Toothbrush and toothpaste



-Feminine products

3. First Aid Kit

It is better to take a first aid kit box to your hostel. There could be some minor accidents and injuries where it will come handy. Yes, minor traumatic injuries like burns, cuts, splinters, stings, abrasions, strains, and sprains can be quite common. A first aid kit will help quickly address the injuries. Always be sure to consult a doctor for your injuries. . A standard first aid kit should contain-

Adhesive tape


Pocket mask



Alcohol-free cleansing wipes

Sterile gauze dressings

Disposable sterile gloves

Bandaids of different sizes

Cough medicine

Anesthetic spray

Antiseptic creams and many more

4. Stationery Items

Pack a list of stationery items in a bag. These are a must need items for your educational purpose. You can take a pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, scale, glue stick, notebook, paper clasps and many more. Above all, dont forget to take your calculator. It is the most precious tool in your educational life. You can find the best quality calculators online. For more information, check this site.

5. Flip Flops

No matter how clean your hostel is, you need a pair of flip-flops for your shower. Flip-flops also account for importance when you are out in the hostel lawn and hitting the beach near your hostel. Be sure to protect your feet and toes from all sorts of nasty infections that bare feet will get in publicly shared spaces like athletes foot etc..

6. Adapter

If you forget the adapter, then you may lose connectivity. You need a travel adapter to charge your cell phones and to use your small appliances in the hostel. Try to pick a universal power adapter that has a USB port included. That offers the most versatile uses of your gadgets.

7. Sleeping Aids

Most hostel rooms are shared, and the chances are high that you have to adjust with different schedules of your room-mates. Yes, there could be some late-night parties or some early risers. So, you need some sleeping aids to help you sleep through the chaos if needed.These aids include sleeping bags, earplugs, and sleep masks. So, tick these boxes before you leave for the hostel.

8. Towel

Hostels do not provide towels. So, you have to bring a towel for your needs. Try to pick a towel that is light, compact, and dries quickly after use. You can also choose durable microfiber towels that are moisture absorbent. Also, it does not smell after a few days use.

9. Noise-canceling headphones or earphones

Finding noise is a hostel dorm is not unusual. So, it gets really difficult to concentrate on your stuff. These noise-canceling earphones can help you with that. It eliminates unnecessary noises, and you can put more focus on your work.

10. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are really handy when it comes to organizing your clothing. You can separate clean and dirty clothes with these cube bags. So, you can easily find what you need in seconds. That saves time and a lot more energy for you.

11. Torch

Not all hostels are guarded with 24/7 electricity. Pack a torch can be one good option for that. Carry a portable rechargeable torch light for emergency light.. Also, it comes handy when you are out with your friends for night adventures.

12. Power Bank

It is the best friend in the modern era while you are traveling. Your phone charge may end up in an odd situation. Having a power bank reduces your chance of getting disconnected in all important moments. Pick the power bank that is lightweight with external batteries.

13. Laundry Bag

Hostels life is all busy rush. You dont really get enough time to wash your clothes every day. So, there will be dirty clothes piling out of nowhere. A laundry bag comes handy here. Put the dirty clothes in one bag, and when it fills, go and leave it to the laundry.

14. Sleeping Mask

Some people are light-sensitive, and in the dorm, as most rooms are shared. So, you might face problems in having quick naps under bright light. These masks are a real blessing for your eyes. Not only in the hostel but also in your travel, this comes really handy.

15. Pack your hobby

Dont forget to pack your hobby with you. It could be your favourite guitar, novels, or a DSLR camera.. There will be study pressure, and you need some relaxation. So, count them big before you are up for hostel life.

16. Pocket Wifi

Portable internet will be a luxury when travelling. Pocket wifi devices are small, inexpensive, and handy if the hostel wifi services are less than stellar or if you need quick internet when hiking.

Hostel life is never easy away from your family. There will be tons of problems, and you have to solve them mostly by yourself. Besides, if you have a preparation for your hostel life, that cuts a lot of hassles. So, pack according to the list for the best possible hostel living.