Sprucing Up My Home Office Area

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Working from home has its many perks as well as it's many pitfalls - one of which being that it can be very tricky to carve out an office space that helps to separate your work day from your home life.

Our home is pretty small. On top of that we have a whole lot of "stuff" and not a whole lot of space - not the best combination!

Having my own dedicated room for a home office just isn't an option as every room in the house is being used, and so I decided to use a little corner of our bedroom - it's about as far away from the main hub of daily activity in the house as I can get, there's no TV or phone to distract me and - with the bedroom door closed - I can usually manage at least half an hour's work without being interrupted by one of the children! ;)

It's not an ideal situation, but to make the best of it I like to keep my little office corner tidy and clutter free - and with it's own little "look" to inspire the creative juices to flow.

I've had my trusty corner desk from Argos for a few years now, it's lasted well and it has a decent amount of cube storage space in it which is very handy.

The pink office swivel chair from Amazon was a new addition last year, and It's a huge improvement on the black leather chair I used to have - it fits in with the colour scheme of the bedroom and it adds a nice feminine touch to the area.

One thing I love to use in my workspace is little bits of artwork, and I'm a particular fan of inspiration and kitsch quotes.

This week I added these two new wooden prints from Posterlounge.

Kindness wooden print Crazy Ideas Wooden print

They're so cute and colourful, and so unlike any other prints I've found before - I think they make a really eye catching and adorable addition to the space. Posterlounge have so many fantastic print options available and I love that they allow you to choose from a range of materials from posters, canvas, acrylic print, wood, foam board, and wall stickers to name just a few. You can choose from a range of sizes, with or without frames and they offer delivery across Europe - definitely one worth checking out!

I also added some new retro prints to the corner of our bedroom too, as I spotted these beautiful acrylicprints of Marilyn Monroein her early days while I was browsing Posterlounge and I just couldn't resist.

I already have some Marilyn prints in the room, and these were perfect to add to my little collection - I just love the freedom and joy they express. The acrylic prints are something a bit different too!

I'd really like to add a nice plant to the space to brighten it up a little, but other than that I really enjoy this little work area - it's nothing flashy or hugely on-trend but it's all about making the most of the space I have available and making it work for me, while bringing a smile to my face!

It's incredible what a difference a few simple touches can make.

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