TaoBrowser: Best Finds for a Rainy Day

TaoBrowser: Best Finds for a Rainy Day

Where can you buy that? You already know the answer: Taobao. But navigating China’s biggest e-commerce platform can be a nightmare for foreigners, so we’re helping out by rounding up useful stores to browse in our column, TaoBrowser.

When the rain just keeps coming down and you swear there’s no way you’re leaving your house - we’ve got you covered with some sweet finds to keep you entertained.

Fold-Up Tub

It’s summer and you’ve been dying for some time to rest and unwind. Then what’s better than a bath! Perfectly compactable to fit even the smallest bathroom space, fold-up tubs are sure to give you the R&R you’re craving for. Plop right down into a shoe, or recline fully with an extendable table so you can legit Netflix & chill. Add some bubble bath and rose petals for the perfect soak sesh. When you’re done, drain and fold away until next time!

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 洗澡桶鞋子
  • 大号洗澡盆浴桶


Artisan Ice cubes

Now that you’re revitalized and ready for something to drink, you can fill up some artisanal ice cubes that's sure to take any beverage to the next level! Whiskey and apple juice? Add a sophisticated ice sphere. Enjoying some sangria? Make a fruit juice rose cube for an extra pop of chilled sweetness. There’re loads of molds to choose from. The range goes from teddy bears to robots to Temple of Heaven. All on Taobao for under 50 kuai.

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 自制冰块
  • 玫瑰花冻冰块
  • 红创意冰格
  • 圆球形制作器冰盒

Paint by Numbers

Ok you’ve soaked and sipped, so in this elevated frame of mind, it’s time to stir up your creative side. Paint by numbers or just paint freestyle to let your inner Picasso fly. We particularly liked this little piggie frolicking in the flowers. Sets on Taobao include each the canvas, paints, and brushes so you can paint paint paint to your hearts delight!

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 数字油画

Box costumes & set pieces

Tired of moving from the kitchen table to the couch to your bed? Then make a rocket fort!  Don't be fooled by all the kids in the marketing pics, you're not too old to have fun inside with cardboard! The Taobao cardboard set is easy to assemble and even better for imaginary adventures!!! Have a blast by turning it into a mini-movie theater with blankets pillows and popcorn. Or if space isn’t your jam, consider going for a dinosaur cardboard costume and challenge your friends to battle! 

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • DIY游戏屋
  • 纸盒穿戴纸壳


KTV at Home - Microphone

We are in China (duh), therefore any rainy day list - or indoor activity list for that matter - would be incomplete without KTV. But hey, you protest, I don’t want to leave the house! It’s pissing down rain, remember?! Well, fair flower, you’re in luck! Purchase your own microphone and turn your home into the most lit KTV spot in the capital! No pesky waiters saying you can’t stand on the couches. No set deals that get you drunk on fake alcohol and make bad decisions. Link the mike to your boothtooth headphones so not to bother the neighbors. KTV at home: the cool kids are all doing it. Pick up your magic mike from Taobao for a cracking 30 kuai.

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 麦克风话筒音响
  • 自带音箱电容麦

Beverage helmet

For all the FIFA addicts out there, we’ve got the thing for you. That age-old problem of wanting to keep playing but also the burning desire to quench your thirst with a cold one? Solution: Beer helmets. Tuck two cans in on each side and you’re ready to go. Never put down the controller ever again. Sip and slay, they say.

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 创意懒人饮料帽

Blow ball game

Some of you are easily entertained. A good 4 kuai find is this blowball game. The styrofoam ball is light as a feather but when you blow through the dart it creates an air vortex so the ball easily elevates and spins forever! Keep moderating your blow to achieve the optimal balance. So simple, so entertaining. Buy one or more for your friends so you don’t have to share or watch each other go cross-eyed while you wait your turn. Genius little game right here.

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 木制吹球游戏

Funky photoshoot

Ok this is a weird one but by the time you’ve done all the other activities on this list, it seems like a natural fit - and it’s making us laugh endlessly. Have pets at home? Wanna bust out that camera for a fun photoshoot? WIGS FOR DOGS. This is the ideal rainy day activity if we’ve ever seen one. Have fun!

Search keywords to copy-paste: 

  • 宠物假发
  • 狗狗假发


Enjoy! Did we pique your imagination? Did we miss anything worth mentioning? Like & comment below to tell us what you think!

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Images: Pexels, Taobao