Tarragon and Mint Chicken Casserole

I love this dish. My mum made it for me after experimenting in her kitchen one evening bored. I tried it, fell in love and have cooked it for Sam who loves it as much as I do. You don’t need much tarragon and dried works so much better for giving the flavour instead of fresh, but experiment with it. You might prefer more of one than the other and don’t get cheaper stock cubes as it really makes a difference in the overall flavour.

Total time: 5 hours and 45 minutes (longer if you prefer).

1 large onion 2-3 Carrots 1 large leek 7-8 mushrooms 4 chicken fillets 1 chicken stock cube (OXO or Knorr) 3-4 large potatoes Dried mint Butter Tarragon Olive or vegetable oil

• Peel and chop the carrots into small circles, wash and put in water and boil.

• In a large wok, fry the chopped onions and add the chicken breasts. Cook until the onions soften and the chicken starts to brown.

• Take out the onions and chicken and leave to the side.

• Add butter and mint to the wok.

• Drain carrots but make sure you save the water!

• Add chopped leeks, mushrooms and drained pre-cooked carrots to the wok and mix around, coating them in the butter and mint.

• Add a chicken stock cube with a little bit of the carrot water and boiling hot water and add to the wok. Mix around.

• Put the chicken and onions back into the wok and let simmer, letting the meat absorb all the flavours and juices. Stir.

• Add mint and mix.

• Add Bisto gravy powder (not granules) to some of the carrot water and 200ml of cold water, mix and add to the wok.

• Mix together and add a sprinkle of the Tarragon.

• Cook on a low setting, add to a slow cooker on medium setting or put in a crock pot for the oven. Slow cooked for 3-4 hours is yummy.

• With the rest of the carrot water and cold water added, add chopped potatoes, and bring to boil, until they’re soft to touch.

• Drain, add to a serving dish, put butter and mint on them and add to oven on a low heated setting until ready to serve.

• Serve with a crusty loaf.

Hope you like! Let me know what you think.

Enjoy. Xx