The Making of the Modern Old-Fashioned

New Old-Fashioned Graceful Old-Fashioned Knob Creek

Great whiskey is what inspired my Old-Fashioned variation, says Washington, D.C.s Alison Hillard. When creating her Everything Nice, she wanted to highlight the sweet, high-corn mash bill and candied ginger spice notes of Knob Creek Rye. Her final drink combines the whiskey with a cast of unexpected ingredients, like fresh ginger juice and a green Chartreuse oleo saccharum.

New Old-Fashioned Everything Nice Knob Creek

Alison Hillards Everything Nice.

The result is a cocktail that is intensely bright on the nose, yet changes on the palate, moving between a dark, rich sweetness and a spicy zing; in other words, its sugar and spice and everything nice. Yet it doesnt not feel like the classic cocktail it honors, nor the whiskey it employsclearly echoing Hillards simple guiding principle for modernizing the classic: Enhancing the flavors that are already present in a great rye and a great Old-Fashioned.

These days, the Old-Fashioned is practically guaranteed to be a best-selling drink on most bar menus, as it is at Hillards bar. And thats why so many bartenders can be found flexing their creative muscles and taking the legendary cocktail to new realms.

New Old-Fashioned Graceful Old-Fashioned

Christa Havicans Graceful Old-Fashioned

In Houston, bartender Christa Havican has used her love of baking to expand the expected profile of the drink. In her Graceful Old-Fashioned, she plays up the baking spice notes that define great rye whiskey, which Knob Creek Rye has in spades, unleashing flavors that recall a woody cinnamon, astringent clove and aromatic nutmeg. In combination with vanilla simple syrup and bitters that express themselves as tart fruit, the drink yields a cross between an Old-Fashioned and a drinkable cherry pie.

A semblance of the main components is [still] present, Havican says. For me, its enhancing without completely changing the profile of the drink.

Despite having so few main components, the Old-Fashioned allows for a surprising amount of mixing and matching within its spare framework. Brittney Olsen, a bartender in Miami Beach, enhances the spice profile of her Old-Fashioned not by adding unexpected ingredients, but merely by switching up the simple syrup, bitters selection and the ice.

New Old-Fashioned Spicy Boi Knob Creek

Brittney Olsens Spicy Boi.

Olsen starts with what she calls summer syrup, a simple syrup infused with cinnamon, ginger and makrut lime. She ups the spice ante further by using cardamom bitters, then, as the kicker, she pours it all over one cardamom-flavored ice cube. Combined, all meld seamlessly with the sharp herbal notes of Knob Creek Rye. This is, indeed, one Spicy Boi.

Adding a little flair to your syrup goes a long way without losing any whiskey goodness, she notes, recommending that home bartenders try it as well. Its a low-risk way to experiment. Throw tasty stuff in sugar and see what happens!

Thats likewise why Hillard spends an entire 24-hour period making oleo saccharum for her Everything Nice. It might seem odd to some people to go to such effort, especially when she only needs a quarter-ounce of it per cocktail, but she recognizes just how much impact it will ultimately make in the final Old-Fashioned.

As she notes: I suppose thats the beauty of a cocktail that only calls for sugar, bitters, and whiskey.


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