This Colombian black bean stew is not only super easy to make and utterly

delicious, but also extremely healthy. Full of plant-based protein and fiber, it's proof that plant-based food do not need to be complicated. Also, the main ingredients (black beans, onions, and garlic) are all inexpensive. This Colombian black bean stew is a delicious, budget-friendly, and hearty meal, especially when served with a side of grains and sliced avocado.

Colombian Black Bean Stew [Vegan]


For the Stew:

2 13 1/2-ounce cans black beans
A dash of olive oil, rice bran oil, or water (for frying)
Scant 1/2 cup water
5 garlic cloves
1 14-ounce can chopped tomatoes
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 vegetable broth cube or vegetable broth
2 small onions
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 heaped teaspoon of dried oregano
2-4 teaspoons of sugar
A pinch of ground black pepper

For the Garnish:

A small handful of fresh coriander or fresh parsley leaves
Fresh tomatoes (optional)
Chili flakes (optional)
Avocado, to serve (optional)
1 fried plantain, to serve (optional)
Rice or quinoa, to serve (optional)


Drain the black beans and set aside.
Peel and chop the onions and garlic finely.
Over a medium heat, warm the oil in a large frying pan and sweat the onions until translucent, about 5-10 minutes. Add the garlic and pan fry everything for about 2 minutes. Next, add the chopped tomatoes, stir, and add the water.
 Next, add the beans and stir until nicely combined. At this point lower the heat to a simmer, add the vegetable broth cube and let it dissolve completely. Add the cumin, ground ginger, sugar, and dried oregano. Let it simmer to intensify the flavors. Taste and see if it needs a tiny bit more sugar.
Let the liquid reduce a little more — this shouldn't take very long. When done, remove from the heat, sprinkle some ground black pepper, and serve warm.

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