Tips to Get Kids to Drink More Water

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Getting kids to drink enough water during the day can be challenging, so today I’m sharing with you what changes I’ve made this Spring to increase my family’s water consumption in a lasting and enjoyable way!

Tips to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water, plus why an in-home water system is a great option to replace nasty-tasting tap water (with all it's nasty chemicals)

Primo Water Dispenser Review

60% of the human body is water.

Water is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle and feeling our best. But to be honest, when the weather warms up I find that my tap water can taste unpleasant and I find myself either purchasing disposable water bottles or not drinking as much water as I should.

In our area, chlorine and fluoride is added to water, and contaminants like lead, mercury, arsenic, cyanide, and ethylbenzene can be found in our tap water.

No wonder it tastes off!

This Spring, I wanted to be proactive in finding an eco-friendly solution that would empower my family to drink more water, while ensuring that the water we are drinking is high-quality and healthy.

I started researching options to provide purified water and was drawn towards water dispensers because they didn’t require drilling holes in our marble countertops and the price point was low, unlike installing a purification system in our pipes.

I selected a Primo Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Self-Sanitization for a few reasons:

  • it offered hot and cold water options – which was convenient because my electric kettle that I use to make tea and pour-over coffee had just died, so now I didn’t have to replace the kettle and had one less appliance in my kitchen
  • bottom loading model means that as a 5’2″ woman who doesn’t lift, I could avoid the lifting, flipping (and spilling) that would have occurred with top-loading models
  • my local Meijer has refill stations that allow me to affordably refill our water bottles (refilling two 5 gallon bottles this week cost me $4.40)
  • Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process that includes reverse osmosis and sterilization to remove harmful contaminants, and adds minerals for high-quality, crisp-tasting water


Refilling our empty 5-gallon bottles at a Primo refill station (these are either located outside or in the water aisle) was super simple and actually kind of fun!

Simply place the gallon underneath the spout and pull the lever. When the bottle is full, snap back on the non-spill cap and take the bottle to the check-out to pay.

(You can also take part in the exchange program, swapping out empty bottles for filled ones, but I like the cost and process of refilling our own bottles.)

Tips for Drinking More Water

Now that our water tastes great year-round and I have a quick option for hot water for tea, our water consumption goals are on track. However, there are a few more things I do to encourage my family to reach for a glass of water instead of other drinks:

  • Re-usable water bottles
    We have a box of re-usable water bottles available at all times, making it easier for the kids to bring drinks into the playroom with them, grab a bottle of water for outside or heading out to activities, and there is less risk of spills than with a regular glass.
  • Fresh fruit and cucumber slices
    Have you ever had cucumber water at a spa or a fancy hotel? It is incredibly refreshing, so I’ve brought that luxurious treatment home. I try to keep a few slices of cucumber and a tray of berries or sliced citrus on the top shelf of the fridge so we can just grab a couple and easily add it to a glass of water.

  • Variety of teas (even for the kids)
    If we’re looking for even more flavor, I reach for our tea stash. These can be prepared hot or cold with our Primo Water Dispenser, and I try to keep a few that are kid-friendly (fruity and caffeine-free) so they have a cold weather option, too.
  • Infused ice cubes
    Whether you want to make ice cubes with your favorite herbal teas or add a few berries to each cube, these are another way to add more flavor to your water.
  • Dilute Sugary Drinks
    If you’re not looking to skip your other favorite drinks (like lemonade, iced tea or juice) all together, you can still opt to dilute them with some ice cold water so that the sugar intake is less, but you’re still satisfying that craving
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Tips to get kids to drink more water with Primo - no charts, tracking, or nagging involved!

I’d love to hear from you! What tips do you have for getting kids to drink more water?

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This is a sponsored post by Primo.

Why We Chose an In-home Water Dispenser to avoid nasty chemicals in our tap water and avoid bottled water (among other reasons)

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