Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week - FAVORITE HEART RECIPES

This week’s Wild Idea Buffalo Recipe of the Week – FAVORITE HEART RECIPES. There’s 3 Favorite Heart Recipes; Stewed Bison Heart, Stuffed Buffalo Heart, and Pan Seared Heart. All are made using Wild Idea Buffalo Heart and 2 the recipes use the Wild Idea Buffalo Bacon. You can find these recipes and purchase the Wild Idea Buffalo Buffalo Heart and the Wild Idea Buffalo Bacon along with all the other Wild Idea Products at the Wild Idea Buffalo website. So Enjoy and Eat Healthy in 2021! https://wildideabuffalo.com/


You will love these recipes – tested and tried by our very own Wild Idea team!

Stewed Bison Heart – Recipe Credit: Jill’s friend Angela Anderson


2-3 – pounds Wild Idea Buffalo Heart cut into large cubes

6 – ounces of Wild Idea Buffalo Bacon or organic bacon

2 – ounces butter

2 – onions, chopped

2 – cloves of garlic, chopped

6 – fresh tomatoes, peeled & chopped or 3 tbsp of tomato paste

1/4 – bottle of white wine

8 – ounces sour cream

Fresh or dried basil and parsley


1 – Cut the bacon into small bits and fry in 2 ounces of butter.

2 – Add the chopped onions garlic and sauté.

3 – Add buffalo heart to the bacon, onions & garlic, and let it brown.

4 – Add 1/2 cup of water, tomatoes or paste and the wine.

5 – Simmer for 30 minutes covered and then for 15 minutes without the lid.

6 – Stir the sour cream into the sauce. Sprinkle with fresh herbs.


Stuffed Buffalo Heart – Recipe Credit: Chris White Eagle


1 – cleaned and defatted Wild Idea Buffalo Heart

12 to 16 oz – Wild Idea Buffalo Bacon chopped

fresh mushrooms (as much fresh as you like)

1 – small onion chopped

1 – tablespoon garlic chopped

1 – teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 – teaspoon nutmeg

1 – bag fresh spinach


1 – Fry chopped bacon until crisp, add onion and garlic cook until slightly transparent, add mushrooms and spinach cook until tender.

2 -Lay heart flat stuff and butterfly open. Stuff with spinach mixture and tie with butcher string. Fry in the bacon grease until cooked. Yummy, yummy!


Pan Seared Heart – Recipe Credit: Jean Osborne and Jilian Jones


1 – Wild Idea Buffalo Heart, cleaned and sliced into ½ inch slabs

buffalo fat or olive oil

salt and pepper


1 – Heat heavy sauté pan or cast iron skillet with fat or oil over medium high heat.

2 – Season both sides of the heart steaks with salt & pepper.

3 – Sear over medium high heat for about three to four minutes total for medium rare.

4 – Adjust cooking time to thickness of your steaks. Season to taste!


Wild Idea Buffalo Heart

A heart-healthy, old time favorite! Cube and add to stews or pot pies, or simmer whole. Available as a 2.5 – 3 lb. package (average weight).