You can never have enough camping tips when it comes to unusual circumstances.

There are lots of advantages when it comes to winter camping, but there are lots of challenges too.

These tips will help you overcome them and make the most out of your wintry cold trips.

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Camping Winter Clothes

Keeping your body temperature at a safe level is a primary concern when camping in cold conditions.

One of the most important camping tips for winter is to wear the appropriate clothing.

The best cold weather camping gear starts with a base layer worn next to your skin to keep it dry.

You also need a middle layer to keep you warm and an outer layer to repel wind, rain and snow.

We’ve got lots more information about choosing the right clothing and avoiding those items you should not wear. Get more tips…

How To Stay Warm In A Tent

Winter tent camping is especially challenging with frozen ground where tent stakes can’t be used so instead, just use snow-filled stuff sacks as weights.

Getting a good night’s rest starts with 4 season tents designed for all weather conditions, including extreme rain, snow, wind, heat and cold.

Another option is using a “hot tent” which is a term made popular in YouTube videos. It refers to specially designed tents that have a “wood stove jack” fabricated in the tent wall to allow a hot flue pipe to pass through.

The result: you can have a flue pipe-type wood-burning stove inside your tent for heating and cooking.
Many of these tents are made of lightweight fabrics for easy transportation by cold winter weather backcountry campers, hikers and hunters.

Lightweight Hot Tent With Mesh And Fire Retardant Stove Jack For Flue Pipes


Deciding where to pitch your tent is important for staying warm.

Set up your insulated tent in a location that is not windy or shady.

Place a winter sleeping pad on your tent floor to provide insulation from the cold ground.

It will be much easier to transition for sleeping if you use a cold weather camping tent heater to pre-heat the space before going to bed.

Use a sleeping bag for cold camping with a temperature rating of 15 degrees F or colder for extreme weather conditions and place hot water bottles inside to take the chill off before you jump in for the night. Get more tips…

Winter RV Camping Tips

When RV camping in winter conditions, the type of RV you have makes a world of difference.

A pop up camper in wintertime conditions is much more difficult to prevent freezing and keep warm as opposed to well insulated travel trailers and motorhomes rated as extreme cold weather RVs.

If you are camping in a “four season RV”, it probably has extra insulation, an upgraded furnace and thermal dual-pane windows … but … that is not always the case because it is a marketing term without any specific requirements or industry standards.

Most RVs have furnaces but many cannot keep up in extremely cold conditions.

The solution is to get camping heaters for RVs that have the ability to supplement manufacturer installed heaters.
Heaters for camping are available in electric models that run on AC power and combustion heaters that operate using propane.
Some designs are portable and others can be permanently mounted.

Preventing moisture inside RVs during the winter season is one of the biggest challenges that must be overcome to prevent freezing, mold and mildew. There are many ways to easily accomplish this as well as other bitter temperature issues. Get more tips…

Wool Camp Blankets

Make sure to add the essentials for camping in the winter to your camp gear checklist.

You will definitely need a frosty weather camping blanket.

Many people choose wool because of the natural fabric’s ability to provide warmth in harsh cold weather.

There are also really great vintage designs as well as colorful prints commemorating individual National Parks. Get more tips…

Campfire Hot Chocolate

Blistering cold camp outings call for warm drinks!

The best way to make hot cocoa is over a campfire where you can warm your body and this amazingly delicious winter beverage at the same time. Get more tips and the recipe…

Camping Winter Recipes

One of the best camping activities in the winter for kids is melting snow for drinking water and food recipes. It is a fun and educational event to teach young campers how to make it safe for consumption.

As a reminder, you need to kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa by bringing it to a rolling boil (212 degrees F) for one minute if you are camping below 6,500 or boil it for 3 minutes if you’re camped above 6,500 feet.
Make sure you cool the water before using it for drinking or using in recipes that require the water to be cold.

The best camping food for winter trips provides a warm and hearty meal.

High-carb comfort foods have a benefit beyond being warm and yummy … studies have shown thermogenesis (the process of the body converting calories to heat) increases after carb-rich meals. Get more tips and recipes…

Cold Weather Gifts For Campers

Whether you are backpacking in the winter or camping in a decked-out 4-season RV, these peel and stick body warmers are great for camping in glacial cold weather.

Peel N’ Stick Body Warmers


This cold winter camping shelter is great for campers, hikers and hunters that need to stay warm in a tent in extremely cold weather.

It allows campers to use a tent stove inside the tent for cooking and heating.

Lightweight Hot Tent With Mesh And Fire Retardant Stove Jack For Flue Pipes


Wood burning portable stoves are awesome for cooking and heating outside or inside a hot tent.

Stove storage size: 16x9x 12.6 inches, stove open size is 15x15x18 inches with a stove pipe height including the body being 88 inches.

Folding Portable Camping Tent Wood Burning Stove With PipeCompact Stainless Steel Cube Camp Stove


For people who go camping in the winter with a dog, it is important to make sure furry friends are equipped to handle the cold temperatures and slick surfaces with waterproof shoes and coats.

Waterproof Skid-Proof Dog ShoesWarm Polar Fleece Turtleneck Waterproof Winter Dog Coat


Winter Arizona Camping

The state of Arizona is known for year round camping.

You can head to the mountains for snow camping in winter wonderlands or you can choose low desert warm places to camp in winter.

Grand Canyon Camping

There is a 1,000 foot elevation difference between the North Rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon so don’t be surprised if you are limited to visiting the South Rim only during the winter months.

Lodging and restaurants at the North Rim open in the middle of May and close by the middle of October.

In contrast, the South Rim is open all year.

South Rim elevation: 7,000 feet above sea level
North Rim elevation: 8,000 feet above sea level

Plan for camping in cold winter conditions at the South Rim during the winter season. Get more tips…

Arizona Mogollon Rim Camping

The Mogollon Rim is one of our favorite places to camp during the summer but it is also great in the winter.

The elevation is approximately 7,500 feet above sea level so don’t forget to pack your winter gear for camping in this area. Get more tips…

Camping Near Sedona AZ

No matter when you visit Sedona, AZ, you will find the Red Rocks breathtaking and fascinating.

With an elevation of approximately 5,400 feet above sea level you will find mild days and cold nights in this area during the winter months.

Daytime temperatures are usually in the mid 50’s and overnight lows are typically around freezing. Get more tips…

Camping Near Wickenburg AZ

At about 2,400 feet above sea level, the Wickenburg area is one of the warmest areas to camp during an Arizona winter.

Daytime highs average in the mid 60’s and overnight lows are usually just above freezing. Get more tips…

Camping In Arizona

See all of our favorite places to camp in the beautiful state of AZ. Get more tips…

Camping In The Winter During Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year so if you decide to camp then, you might want to celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas Camping Ideas

We’ve got trip planning help and ideas for unique destinations, experiences, decorations, food, gift ideas and more for camping during Christmas. Get more tips…

RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorating for Christmas can be part of your winter holiday camping trips! Get more tips…

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