Your island can only be home to some of the villagers in Animal Crossing

Best Answer: There are 402 recruitable villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, your island only has room for up to 10 villagers at a time. On top of that, some of them have conflicting personalities and won't get along well together.
The Village People: Animal Crossing: New Horizons ($60 at Best Buy) The Village People How many villagers are there? How many villagers can I have on my island? Villager personality types All the villagers you can recruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons How many villagers are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?
As of March 2020, Nintendo has created 402 recruitable villagers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This doesn't include special villagers like Tom Nook, Kicks, Mable, or Saharah. It's possible that even more villagers could be created for the game as time goes on. As it stands, these 402 prospective neighbors are made up of 35 different animal species and eight different personality types.
How many villagers can I have on my island?

While there are 402 possible recruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your island is only big enough to house 10 or less. As such, you might want to be careful when inviting specific characters to your island. It's also imporant to keep in mind that each villager has a different personality type, which might not get along so well with certain villagers.
Villager personality types

Part of building the perfect island getaway is making sure that your villagers get along well — or at least well enough. Each villager has a distinct personality type which clashes or meshes with other villagers. You'll find that there are four male personality types as well as four female personality types.
Male personalities Cranky - They tend to get along best with other Cranky villagers, don't get along as well with Uchi or Peppy villagers, and tend to dislike Snooty and Smug characters. These villagers can be abrasive at first, so simply run errands for them, talk to them, and write them letters to get them to soften up. Jock - These villagers focus a lot on workouts and eating right, which can be a bit much for other villagers. They don't get along as well with Lazy, Snooty, or Cranky villagers. However, they do well with Peppy, Uchi, and Smug villagers. Lazy - Their interests include food and sitting around. They tend to be the easiest to befriend and get along best with other Lazy, Cranky, and Peppy villagers. However, they tend to be disliked by Snooty and Jock characters. They might get upset around Normal villagers, but these arguments simmer down really quickly. Smug - Smug villagers are very boastful and tend to get along very well with other Smug villagers. You'll also find that Peppy and Lazy characters tend to like Smug characters, although Smug characters aren't as well liked by Cranky or Uchi villagers. Female personalities Normal - They tend to be very kind and have neutral opinions on most things. They get along best with Peppy villagers but also do well with Cranky or Snooty personalities. They might get upset by Lazy villagers, especially if the Lazy villager asks them to cook food. Peppy - These are energetic creatures who tend to be friendly but can be a little overbearing. Snooty and Cranky villagers often spread rumors about Peppy villagers, which will cause the Peppy villager to react in kind. They get along best with Uchi, Smug, Normal, Lazy, and Jock characters. Snooty - They tend to be somewhat arrogant and fashionable. As such, they get along best with Snooty and Smug characters. Cranky villagers don't approve of Snooty lifestyles, Lazy characters can't understand their lifestyles very well, and Jock characters can be critical of their lack of fitness. Peppy and Normal villagers might admire Snooty ones, but they can easily get offended by them as well. Uchi - "Uchi" means "Big Sister" in Japanese and describes a blunt personality that can be patronizing to others. Despite this, they get along well with most villagers, especially Peppy and Normal personalities. They admire Smug and Snooty villagers, but tend to clash really badly with Cranky villagers. All the villagers you can recruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Here are all of the villagers you can recruit to your island. We've listed them by species and have included their personality type.
Alligators Alfonso (Lazy) Alli (Snooty) Boots (Jock) Del (Cranky) Drago (Lazy) Gayle (Normal) Sly (Jock) Anteaters Annabelle (Peppy) Annalisa (Normal) Antonio (Jock) Cyrano (Cranky) Olaf (Smug) Pango (Peppy) Snooty (Snooty) Bears Beardo (Smug) Bluebear (Peppy) Charlise (Uchi) Chow (Cranky) Curt (Cranky) Grizzly (Cranky) Groucho (Cranky) Ike (Cranky) Klaus (Smug) Megan (Normal) Nate (Lazy) Paula (Uchi) Pinky (Peppy) Teddy (Jock) Tutu (Peppy) Ursula (Uchi) Birds Admiral (Cranky) Anchovy (Lazy) Jacob (Lazy) Jacques (Smug) Jay (Jock) Jitters (Jock) Lucha (Smug) Midge (Normal) Peck (Jock) Piper (Peppy) Robin (Snooty) Sparro (Jock) Twiggy (Peppy) Bulls Angus (Cranky) Coach (Jock) Rodeo (Lazy) Stu (Lazy) T-Bone (Cranky) Vic (Cranky) Cats Ankha (Snooty) Bob (Lazy) Felicity (Peppy) Kabuki (Cranky) Katt (Uchi)( Kid Cat (Jock) Kiki (Normal) Kitty (Snooty) Lolly (Normal) Merry (Peppy) Mitzi (Normal) Moe (Lazy) Monique (Snooty) Olivia (Snooty) Punchy (Lazy) Purrl (Snooty) Raymond (Smug) Rosie (Peppy) Rudy (Jock) Stinky (Jock) Tabby (Peppy) Tangy (Peppy) Tom (Cranky) Chickens Ava (Normal) Becky (Snooty) Benedict (Lazy) Broffina (Snooty) Egbert (Lazy) Goose (Jock) Ken (Smug) Knox (Cranky) Plucky (Uchi) Cows Naomi (Snooty) Norma (Normal) Patty (Peppy) Tipper (Snooty) Cubs Barold (Lazy) Bluebear (Peppy) Cheri (Peppy) Chester (Lazy) Judy (Snooty) June (Normal) Kody (Jock) Maple (Normal) Murphy (Cranky) Olive (Normal) Pekoe (Normal) Poncho (Jock) Pudge (Lazy) Stitches (Lazy) Tammy (Uchi) Vladimir (Cranky) Deer Bam (Jock) Beau (Lazy) Bruce (Cranky) Deirdre (Uchi) Diana (Snooty) Erik (Lazy) Fauna (Normal) Fuchsia (Uchi) Lopez (Smug) Zell (Smug) Dogs Bea (Normal) Benjamin (Lazy) Biskit (Lazy) Bones (Lazy) Butch (Cranky) Cherry (Uchi) Cookie (Peppy) Daisy (Normal) Goldie (Normal) Lucky (Lazy) Mac (Jock) Maddie (Peppy) Marcel (Lazy) Portia (Snooty) Shep (Smug) Walker (Lazy) Ducks Bill (Jock) Deena (Normal) Derwin (Lazy) Drake (Lazy) Freckles (Peppy) Gloria (Snooty) Joey (Lazy) Ketchup (Peppy) Maelle (Snooty) Mallary (Snooty) Miranda (Snooty) Molly (Normal) Pate (Peppy) Pompom (Peppy) Quillson (Smug) Scoot (Jock) Weber (Lazy) Eagles Amelia (Snooty) Apollo (Cranky) Avery (Cranky) Buzz (Cranky) Celia (Normal) Frank (Cranky) Keaton (Smug) Pierce (Smug) Sterling (Jock) Elephants Axel (Jock) Big Top (Lazy) Cyd (Cranky) Dizzy (Lazy) Ellie (Normal) Eloise (Snooty) Margie (Normal) Opal (Snooty) Paolo (Lazy) Tia (Normal) Tucker (Lazy) Frogs Camofrog (Cranky) Cousteau (Jock) Croque (Cranky) Diva (Uchi) Drift (Jock) Frobert (Jock) Gigi (Snooty) Henry (Smug) Huck (Smug) Jambette (Normal) Jeremiah (Lazy) Lily (Normal) Prince (Lazy) Puddles (Peppy) Raddle (Lazy) Ribbot (Jock) Tad (Jock) Wart Jr. (Cranky) Goats Billy (Jock) Chevre (Normal) Gruff (Cranky) Kidd (Smug) Nan (Normal) Pashmina (Uchi) Sherb (Lazy) Sven (Lazy) Velma (Snooty) Gorillas Al (Lazy) Boone (Jock) Boyd (Cranky) Cesar (Cranky) Hans (Smug) Louie (Jock) Peewee (Cranky) Rocket (Uchi) Violet (Snooty) Hamsters Apple (Peppy) Clay (Lazy) Flurry (Normal) Graham (Smug) Hamlet (Jock) Hamphrey (Cranky) Rodney (Smug) Soleil (Snooty) Hippos Bertha (Normal) Biff (Jock) Bitty (Snooty) Bubbles (Peppy) Harry (Cranky) Hippeux (Smug) Rocco (Cranky) Horses Annalise (Snooty) Buck (Jock) Cleo (Snooty) Clyde (Lazy) Colton (Smug) Ed (Smug) Elmer (Lazy) Julian (Smug) Papi (Lazy) Peaches (Normal) Reneigh (Uchi) Roscoe (Cranky) Savannah (Normal) Victoria (Peppy) Winnie (Peppy) Kangaroos Astrid (Snooty) Carrie (Normal) Kitt (Normal) Marcie (Normal) Mathilda (Snooty) Rooney (Cranky) Sylvia (Uchi) Walt (Cranky) Koalas Alice (Normal) Canberra (Uchi) Eugene (Smug) Gonzo (Cranky) Lyman (Jock) Melba (Normal) Ozzie (Lazy) Sydney (Normal) Yuka (Snooty) Lions Bud (Jock) Elvis (Cranky) Leopold (Smug) Lionel (Smug) Mott (Jock) Rex (Lazy) Rory (Jock) Mice Anicotti (Peppy) Bella (Peppy) Bettina (Normal) Bree (Snooty) Broccolo (Lazy) Candi (Peppy) Chadder (Smug) Dora (Normal) Greta (Snooty) Limberg (Cranky) Moose (Jock) Penelope (Peppy) Rizzo (Cranky) Rod (Jock) Samson (Jock) Monkeys Deli (Lazy) Elise (Snooty) Flip (Jock) Monty (Cranky) Nana (Normal) Shari (Uchi) Simon (Lazy) Tammi (Peppy) Octopuses Marina (Normal) Octavian (Cranky) Zucker (Lazy) Ostriches Blanche (Snooty) Cranston (Lazy) Flora (Peppy) Gladys (Normal) Julia (Snooty) Phil (Smug) Phoebe (Uchi) Queenie (Snooty) Sandy (Normal) Sprocket (Jock) Penguins Aurora (Normal) Boomer (Lazy) Cube (Lazy) Flo (Uchi) Friga (Snooty) Gwen (Snooty) Hopper (Cranky) Iggly (Jock) Puck (Lazy) Roald (Jock) Sprinkle (Peppy) Tex (Smug) Wade (Lazy) Pigs Agnes (Uchi) Boris (Cranky) Chops (Smug) Cobb (Jock) Curly (Jock) Gala (Normal) Hugh (Lazy) Kevin (Jock) Lucy (Normal) Maggie (Normal) Pancetti (Snooty) Peggy (Peppy) Rasher (Cranky) Spork (Lazy) Truffles (Peppy) Rabbits Bonbon (Peppy) Bunnie (Peppy) Carmen (Peppy) Chrissy (Peppy) Claude (Lazy) Coco (Normal) Cole (Lazy) Doc (Lazy) Dotty (Peppy) Francine (Snooty) Gabi (Peppy) Gaston (Cranky) Genji (Jock) Hopkins (Lazy) Mira (Uchi) O'Hare (Smug) Pippy (Peppy) Ruby (Peppy) Snake (Jock) Tiffany (Snooty Rhinos Hornsby (Lazy) Merengue (Normal) Renée (Uchi) Rhonda (Normal) Spike (Cranky) Tank (Jock) Sheep Baabara (Snooty) Cashmere (Snooty) Curlos (Smug) Dom (Jock) Eunice (Normal) Frita (Uchi) Muffy (Uchi) Pietro (Smug) Stella (Normal) Timbra (Snooty) Vesta (Normal) Wendy (Peppy) Willow (Snooty) Squirrels Agent S (Peppy) Blaire (Snooty) Cally (Normal) Caroline (Normal) Filbert (Lazy) Hazel (Uchi) Marshal (Smug) Mint (Snooty) Nibbles (Peppy) Peanut (Peppy) Pecan (Snooty) Poppy (Normal) Ricky (Cranky) Sally (Normal) Sheldon (Jock) Static (Cranky) Sylvana (Normal) Tasha (Snooty) Tigers Bangle (Peppy) Bianca (Peppy) Claudia (Snooty) Leonardo (Jock) Rolf (Cranky) Rowan (Jock) Tybalt (Jock) Wolves Audie (Peppy) Chief (Cranky) Dobie (Cranky) Fang (Cranky) Freya (Snooty) Kyle (Smug) Lobo (Cranky) Skye (Normal) Vivian (Snooty) Whitney (Snooty) Wolfgang (Cranky) Come to my island
Animal Crossing is such a happy and upbeat game. It's awesome that there are so many villagers to choose from, but you have to really figure out who you want for your island since only 10 of the 400+ villagers can move in. Good luck building the perfect village. I hope you can recruit all the animals that you want to your island.
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